card counting

  1. bynight

    What CVCX bundle do I need?

    Hey everyone! Im a little confused with all the options the site has. As a BJ counter looking to run simulations and drills should I have CVCX, CVdata, or both? is the SIM package the best for 220? what about casino verite blackjack?
  2. S

    Started questioning does the card counting really work

    Hi, I became interested in Blackjack and card counting a little while ago - learned from and, read books by Dr. Thorp, Lance Humble and Peter Griffin; practiced basic strategy and card counting at home and visited casino in Louisiana a couple of...
  3. D

    6 Deck H17 Playing Deviations

    Can I get a chart for Hi-Lo 6 Deck H17 playing deviations for the following? LS 17 vs A 16 vs 7 16 vs A 15 vs 7 15 vs 8 15 vs A 14 vs A 13 vs 10 88 vs A The charts should look like this and show how the advantage changes with the count. I want to see a chart and not just index numbers. I only...
  4. I

    UK locations

    Hey, I'm new to Card Counting and am currently working on perfecting it but will need to know which casinos in the UK you can do it. I went to the ricoh arena which is my closest one but only had automatic shuffling machines where the dealer dealt a deck then mixed it back in. Just as a side not...
  5. C

    best counting locations in Europe?

    Hi everyone, I'm an italian card counter. I'm looking for some lists of europe casinos conditions, but I've just find a 2011 I would like to update it. Please everyone that knows something share here. Thanks so much for any info! In my experience we have: Budapest. {S17, DAS...
  6. RedRaiden

    Basic Strategy (Pairs) vs illustrious 18 + what bet spread should I use?

    Hi there, I am quite new to black jack and very new to card counting. I started getting interested the first night I went casino. Since then, I've completely memorised basic strategy, but I'm still working on my card counting speed and index numbers (illustrious 18). I've stopped going to...
  7. M

    Bankroll Question i'm sure all intermediate players have

    Hello all. I have a question for you guys about the way a bankroll works. Any Pros out there? Let just say I'm doing a minimum $20 with a 1-10 bet spread so max at $200. At 50X you need 1K. At 100X you need 2K which would cut your risk of ruin in half. Lets say these are my bets: T2 or less -...
  8. mario18

    Basic Strategy and Counting

    When do you deviate from Basic Strategy regarding a shoe's count? Or how can you determine when to hit or stand depending on the count ?
  9. Lasse Andersen

    Basic strategy - help me understand.

    I'm learning the basic strategy by heart, but I still got a hard time understanding something. How come you want to hit on 18, soft total, against a 7 and 8, but having a 17+ in hard total, you would always stand against anything. I get how the chance of busting is way higher when having a...
  10. N

    Anybody live in Chicago area?

    looking to meet up and get some advice from another card counter. Want to learn more and just talk
  11. P

    Card Counting in Blackjack

    Counting Cards Card counting in blackjack is used to determine when the player has an advantage over the house. This is done by tracking the ratio of high cards to low cards, with more high cards being the desired outcome. Since the objective of blackjack is to get as close as possible to 21...
  12. D

    mohegan sun or foxwoods?

    which casino is best for and AP and which is just the nicer casino?
  13. B

    Is this for me?

    I've got between 75-100 hours of practice, basic memorized (with some helpful mnemonic devices if anyone's interested), and a bankroll of 1000 units roughly 250 max bets. That's right I only plan on using a bet spread of 1-4 as described here As much as I can...
  14. W

    Card Counting Etiquette

    I was wondering if anyone here feels there is a certain etiquette in the card counting world when you find yourself at a table with another card counter? 1. Does the first card counter to sit at the table sort of have claim to the table? Is the second card counter expected to immediately...
  15. B

    Rookie Tips/Info for Foxwoods/MS

    I am just starting off playing blackjack, and have never actually played at a casino yet, although have been to them several times. I am practicing basic strategy and have been card counting for about three months now, I can go through a deck in somewhere around 20 seconds and was thinking of...
  16. S

    Newbie looking for some (AC) advice please!!

    Hi guys, let me introduce myself, if anyone really cares. First let me say that of all the blackjack sites on the web, I find this one to have the best (knowledgeable and helpful) members of any. I know im not the most eloquent or humorous writer, so I appreciate it if you can hang in there. I...
  17. KenSmith

    "The Color of Blackjack" improvements to KO

    I was asked by a friend a few weeks ago to take a look at his new book "The Color of Blackjack" (Archive copy). What started as a basic review turned into a lot more, because I felt I had to extensively test his system to see if his claims were accurate. Simming his system was moderately...
  18. M

    What Could I Be Doing Wrong?

    Hi Everybody, I started counting cards back in August. I practice rigourously and regularly by using Casino Verite and frequenting casinos every weekend. I am able to count a deck down in less than 20 seconds and very rarely make any mistakes in my count. I am using the Hi-Lo system with...
  19. JSTAT


    I am a blackjack card counter. I was a recovering hi-lo loser at 21 before I discovered my ten count 20 years ago. Yes, the same hi-lo count used by the suckers at MIT in the movie "21". The chumps at MIT went bankrupt according to the History Channel's "Breaking Vegas". My Ten Count(JSTATII) is...
  20. B

    6-Deck game with 50% penetration

    Any sense in card counting (and using a basic strategy) or just a waste of time if: 6-deck game with ~50% penetration Limits: $5 - $200 BJ pays 3 to 2 Dealer stands on all 17s Split on any Double after splitting allowed Thanks for the answers.