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  • Solo player Nov 26, 2011 (6 replies)
    Hole carding sim
    I just ran a hole carding sim on CVData, for 6dk, h17,das, with 100% readability. And using the hole card strategy provided in CVData. According to the sim, my total bet advantage is 3.6% rounded. …
  • Hello, all. I’m an active AP and I want to share some tips and general guidelines for anyone who plans on playing in any of these casinos. Lately, many casinos have become more aware of advanced AP…
  • SandBaggins Nov 9, 2011 (77 replies)
    The book
    Just received my copy of the book. It is pretty huge. I’m curious if anyone has any advice on how I should tackle it. Should I read straight through cover to cover? Are there certain chapters I…
  • peaegg Nov 7, 2011 (7 replies)
    Not to surrender when using matchplay coupon
    Recently I had 16 against dealer 10. I would have surrendered if without the matchplay coupon of $100. Of course I would loss the coupon if I choose to surrender. At that occasion, I only had $100…
  • ReardonMetal Nov 4, 2011 (4 replies)
    Strategy for someone who can remember every card.
    Hi, new poster here. I have been working on remembering the quantities of each card value left in 6 deck shoe. I can tell at any point how many Aces, 2’s, 3’s, etc… are left in the shoe. I’m…
  • Ace007 Nov 4, 2011 (75 replies)
    Question on ratholing
    When you guys rathole chips while playing rated and the dealer colors you up. Is it a good idea to cash in all your chips at the cage right away or save some of your chips for a different time? Do…
  • PierceNation Oct 26, 2011 (12 replies)
    TC conversion in a deck or half deck sized slug
    If you use a 1D TC adjustment, you have a running count of +10 with one deck remaining, fair to say a TC of 10 aswell. Now what if you track a slug of fair size, say 1 deck of 10 extra low cards….
  • johndoe Oct 21, 2011 (15 replies)
    Win tolerance?
    Where do you think the ‘breaking point’ is for cumulative casino wins, that could result in a backoff? Obviously this depends on the store, but it’s probably roughly related to the top bet they…
  • AussiePlayer Oct 20, 2011 (0 replies)
    Know what’s left in the shoe?
    How many times have you asked this question?
  • Ferretnparrot Oct 19, 2011 (5 replies)
    Aces to be seperated
    Due to the nature of the game and that a high percentage of players tend to split ace, drawing additional cards ontop of them. Aces, whe gathered from play and inserted into the discard rack, have a…
  • blacksheep Oct 6, 2011 (20 replies)
    Steering opportunities?
    Are there any consistent steering opportunities out there anymore? Or has this strategy been effectively shut down? I’ve practiced the techniques a bit just for the hell of it but have never come…
  • beyondbj Sep 29, 2011 (2 replies)
    CSM tracking
    i know some people getting advantage for csm tracking how we can prove if that csm is trackable ?? ace tracking and pictures tracking
  • tthree Sep 23, 2011 (6 replies)
    Taking full advantage of your misdeal options
    I didn’t think this would be a question I would ask because it happens so rarely but lately its happened enough to ask. In a state where I play they can’t back up cards after a misdeal. They offer…
  • PierceNation Sep 22, 2011 (26 replies)
    Multiparameter count and shuffle tracking..
    Whaddup, Anybody got any ideas/information/statistics on the pros/cons of using a multiparameter level count in conjunction with shuffle tracking? I know Hilo is suggested as it gives you a…
  • arrando Sep 18, 2011 (10 replies)
    dealer double peek with automatic device
    At this one casino (indian res, socal) with an automatic peeking device (I’m assuming mirror, not red/green light), the dealer had a face up, then checked his downcard with the device. He proceeded…
  • Jack_Black Sep 2, 2011 (144 replies)
    AP move or just cheating?
    Don’t know if this should be here or in the “law” section. Mods, feel free to move it. I read this off of Richard Marcus’ website. Don’t know if this is legal or not: Blackjack Cheat Scam #1 …
  • BigT Aug 30, 2011 (18 replies)
    possible to predict ace pairs?
    The casino i go to has a side bet where for £1 you get £100 for 2 aces. Its a 6 deck hand shuffled game with what i think is 70% penetration. Is it possible to keep some sort of ace count to know…
  • Most Interesting Man Aug 15, 2011 (30 replies)
    Putting non-APs to use
    If you were to be at a store with one or two others that had no AP skills not even BS how would you put them to use? No skills but high trust and they can follow directions. Would you have them…
  • Zerg Aug 9, 2011 (11 replies)
    Carnival Bet Sizing
    I have been wondering for awhile what the optimal Kelly bet is for some non blackjack games. I finally took the time to do the math for an easy one. I’ll post it here so people can correct me if…
  • Southpaw Aug 8, 2011 (45 replies)
    Are There Any "Ghosts" Out There?
    Post deleted

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