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  • In the book busting vegas,it mentions that if they managed to see the last card the the deck, they have the skill the cut exactly 52 or 53 card and they tried the count the dealt cards and make sure…
  • misacar Jan 5, 2006 (3 replies)
    please help
    I downloaded a few bj simulation programs but they are all demos and giving wrong results, and i am not living in usa so its hard to get it . So if i am not bothering you to much i would like you to…
  • gypsey Jan 4, 2006 (1 reply)
    i’ve ben using the kiss III count developed by Fred Renzey and described in Blackjack Bluebook II-had real good results! anyone else tried it?
  • zengrifter Jan 3, 2006 (3 replies)
    At my specific inquiry, UCSD just reinitiated the award-winning Claude Shannon documentary, enjoy! zg ————– August 12, 2002 UCSD-TV DOCUMENTARY ON CLAUDE SHANNON WINS AURORA BIOGRAPHY…
  • zengrifter Jan 3, 2006 (5 replies)
    Leroy Nimka published his ‘color-coded’ KO strategy on the Web in ’02 which subsequently disappeared. Using the WebWayBack Archive it is herein retrieved. zg
  • zengrifter Jan 3, 2006 (0 replies)
    Anthony Curtis in LA Times
    The Low Roller’s Guide to Las Vegas In America’s capital of excess, newsletter publisher Anthony Curtis has dug up bargains for penny-wise subscribers since 1983. By Sam Howe Verhovek Los Angeles…
  • zengrifter Jan 2, 2006 (1 reply)
    VIDEO – Computer Chess: An AI Perspective
    The History of Computer Chess: An AI Perspective VIDEO – Computer History Museum 2 hr 5 min 57 sec – Oct 24, 2005…
  • ZOD Dec 31, 2005 (0 replies)
    Year End Results
    Time again for my blackjack review of the 2005 calendar year. I played a little more than in the past and managed my best yearly results in some time. 426 hours of play netted +723 units, despite…
  • zengrifter Dec 31, 2005 (0 replies)
    The Rotating Snakes Optical Illusion.. *LINK*
    … impressive. zg
  • zengrifter Dec 30, 2005 (0 replies)
    Successful Online Teen Gambler…
    …(is not a good role model). zg (CBS 3) PHILADELPHIA An 18-An 18-year-old high school dropout does not often have a bright future, but one local teenager, featured in this month’s Philadelphia…
  • Wongster Dec 30, 2005 (4 replies)
    As & 8s
    Anyone employ any indices regarding when not to split these cards. I just use basic indices for standing on stiffs and doubling when the dealer shows strength and for insurance. Last night I split As…
  • zengrifter Dec 29, 2005 (0 replies)
    Play-Doh beats fingerprint scanners
    In researching flaws in such systems with an eye toward making them safer, a Clarkson University professor and her research team found a decidedly low-tech solution for getting around fingerprint…
  • zengrifter Dec 29, 2005 (2 replies)
    The First Wearable Computer (by Ed Thorp)
    The Invention of the First Wearable Computer Edward O. Thorp Edward O. Thorp & Associates Abstract The first wearable computer was conceived in 1955 by the author to predict…
  • Automatic Monkey Dec 29, 2005 (6 replies)
    AC trip report
    Couldn’t get anybody to play with me, so I was an ape alone and forlorn on the Boardwalk for a few days. The good news is playing conditions have slightly improved! Most of the 6:5 crapjack is gone….
  • Sonny Dec 28, 2005 (0 replies)
    Life Lessons From Blackjack *LINK*
    It looks like someone else has noticed the similarities as well! In a way, the Mayor’s book is a Bible, of sorts. -Sonny-
  • zengrifter Dec 28, 2005 (0 replies)
    MLM Poker Site
    Federico is the former CTO for Binion’s. zg —– Original Message —– From: Federico Schiavio, WSOP Owner To: ‘zengrifter’ Sent: Tuesday, December 27, 2005 4:45 PM Subject: Launch We…
  • zengrifter Dec 27, 2005 (2 replies)
    Media mogul Kerry Packer dies
    Media mogul lived life to the full Tuesday, December 27, 2005 SYDNEY, Australia (AP) — Australia’s richest man, 68-year-old media mogul Kerry Packer, was known throughout the world for his love of…
  • spraymaster Dec 27, 2005 (1 reply)
    KO Question
    how many of yous play with the ko-count and how good has it been with your play it over time i been working on it but have not went and tryed its comeing soon i just would like some feed back from…
  • zengrifter Dec 27, 2005 (0 replies)
    The Incredible ‘False Profit’
    To the multitudes of investors who sent him money, Clyde Hood’s promises of low-risk, high-return investmensts must have sounded like the answer to their dreams. Shane Tritsch’s article “False…
  • Brillo Dec 25, 2005 (3 replies)
    Is this gaming violation???
    I read that casinos have the words single-deck 21 over their 6:5 games because the gaming commission will not allow them to call the game blackjack. If this is true, how come some casinos advertise…

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