Blackjack – Theory and Math

  • mrboxingfan Nov 25, 2011 (11 replies)
    single deck play
    has to be the hardest in my years of experience even with perfect counting . Will some one get rid of the RNG on this strategy game and please base it on real shuffles. Its like playing in a…
  • blackjack avenger Nov 25, 2011 (4 replies)
    cost of ror
    One does not just lose their current bank, they lose the income the bank could have generated. This unnecessary risk cost can easily be avoided. Don’t play with a ror. Well, greatly minimize.
  • Ace High Nov 20, 2011 (15 replies)
    Hit or stay on 16
    What is the mathematical statistic of hitting 16 against 7 through Ace? What percent will you win or push by hitting it? What percent will you win or push by not hitting it? Can anyone direct…
  • blackjacktilt Nov 11, 2011 (19 replies)
    Hard 17
    I don’t know if this has been discussed before but would it be possible for someone to run a sim to determine how many times hard 17 loses to 9, 10 and ACE? I would assume one hundred thousand hands…
  • iCountNTrack Nov 9, 2011 (11 replies)
    2 billion round simulation? Is that enough of rounds?
  • flyingwind Nov 8, 2011 (13 replies)
    The insurance puzzle
    Anyone want insurance? The real question is, how good of an insurance policy do I want? 1. HiLo, insurance correlation of 0.76 2. Balanced Zen, IC = 0.85 3. “Perfect” insurance count, IC = ? …
  • stevo123 Nov 7, 2011 (9 replies)
    Calculating Average Advantage
    I’m trying to do some calculations and figure out my expected hourly win rate. I’m going to be wonging in at any positive count and wonging out when the count goes negative. Based on the rules at…
  • Mersenne Twister Oct 31, 2011 (4 replies)
    "Arithmetic Average" or "Quadratic Average" ?
    I would like to hear opinions of expert statisticians. For example, average betting amount per 1 round should be “Arithmetic Average” or “Quadratic Average” ? Why?
  • aslan Oct 29, 2011 (31 replies)
    To be or not to be… randomly speaking
    We talk about random shuffles, how many passes it takes, and about VP machines based on random shuffles, and on the possibility fre different things occurring in a random sample, etc., yet is there…
  • sagefr0g Oct 26, 2011 (7 replies)
    standard deviation
    say: we have two games one game has SD = X and is played f% of the time the other game has SD = Y and is played z% of the time mathematically what is the proper way to calculate the ‘combined’…
  • guitarhero Oct 20, 2011 (19 replies)
    2 deck, perfect play blackjack
    If you used computer simulations to make all the correct decisions in 2 deck blackjack (all the correct decisions would obviously be based on what’s left in the shoe, because computers can keep…
  • sagefr0g Oct 18, 2011 (23 replies)
    excel, data & standard deviation Canceler?
    Canceler you there? lol ……… help, lol…… errhh ok, i got some data. daily earnings and i know what the expected value for daily earnings is so is there a function in excel that i can use…
  • Alvaro Oct 16, 2011 (3 replies)
    Combinatorial Program
    Hi everyone After a long time I could finish a first part of my own combinatorial analyzer. I’m pleased with it, because I could achived the same figures for STAND and DOUBLING EV’s from MGP…
  • sagefr0g Oct 15, 2011 (17 replies)
    betting & numbers
    think Kelly betting can save you? fooughgettabout it. better watch who yah make a bet with, never make a bet with certain people. anyone notice my avatar changed. yup no canoe, lost it in a bet,…
  • joeblackjack Oct 11, 2011 (14 replies)
    Ace Advantage?
    Let’s say you are flat betting 1 unit on 6 spots on the following DD game: S17, DAS, DOA. What would the average profit per round be if you could successfully cut the cards such that an Ace is in…
  • blackjack avenger Oct 9, 2011 (9 replies)
    N0 Infinite Bank
    I believe in theory with an infinite bank one would bet table max at any advantage. This technique would result in a horrible N0, DI & SCORE. The measures we are suppose to care about. Even with…
  • sagefr0g Oct 2, 2011 (67 replies)
    going for the brass ring
    there is a merry go round with twelve horses, and a brass ring worth $29 after the cost of the ride. if i’m the only one on the merry go round, i’m gonna get that ring every time and make $29. so…
  • blackjack avenger Sep 30, 2011 (14 replies)
    Hail Mary Blackjack Bankroll Defined
    Hail Mary is a Catholic prayer asking for the intercession of the Virgin Mary. From this we get the Hail Mary pass which is a desperation long pass at the end of a football game with little chance…
  • PierceNation Sep 23, 2011 (3 replies)
    PE effect on % Adv.
    Hi Lo .51 PE Zen .63 PE How does this difference work into your win rate/overall % adv..(same table conditions assumed)? Id love to know the formula, or which book might deal with it.
  • stopgambling Sep 22, 2011 (8 replies)
    Different indexes for I-18 ??? Which is more correct?
    I read in b.j. attack 3 ,that in the I-18 that 9 vs 7 the index is tc3 ,but in the gamemasteronline it is tc 6 ,they both referred to dd game.TC 6 IS R.A.???Also 9 vs 2 is tc 1 in b.j.attack 3…

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