Attorney sues casinos for using card counting systems

October 19th, 2004 by KenSmith

Las Vegas attorney Bob Nersesian has filed suit on behalf of a gambler at a casino in Reno, NV, seeking to stop the casino from using the automated MindPlay blackjack table for a practice known as ‘preferential shuffling’. That’s when the casino shuffles away any player-favorable situations. The suit alleges that the casino used an automated system to indicate to the dealer when to shuffle, thus altering the natural odds of the game.

The article by Rod Smith appeared in today’s Las Vegas Review Journal, and has since been picked up by the Associated Press. Here’s a link to the LVRJ article:

2 Responses to “Attorney sues casinos for using card counting systems”

  1. Matt44 says: via Al Rogers 20 Oct 04 provides an entire transcript of the complaint. Well worth reading and speaks for itself.

  2. armenruth says:

    If a cut card is used, then no issue. If they blatently use the “dealer’s count”, or shuffle based on a nod from the pit, the entire casino should be boycotted.

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