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Ken Smith

I am Kenneth R Smith, the creator of BlackjackInfo.com. As an avid blackjack player for many years, I began playing more frequently in the early 1990s when casino gambling arrived in my home state of Mississippi. In 1994, I participated in a blackjack tournament for the first time, and I have been on the tournament trail ever since, tallying numerous wins over the years. I have competed in literally thousands of tournament events since then, and I continue to play regularly. Fans of blackjack tournaments should also visit my tournament-specific website BlackjackTournaments.com, where upcoming events are discussed, along with tournament strategy.

I still reside with my family in Mississippi, though I travel regularly to play and compete. I post occasionally about my non-blackjack interests to a personal blog at Sweet Tea, No Lemon.

Television Appearances

Tournament blackjack made the leap to television starting in 2004, and I was a participant on several shows. I appeared on the first-ever televised blackjack tournament series, GSN's World Series of Blackjack. In the premiere season I made the final table of the event and finished in sixth place. I went on to appear in WSOB II, III, and IV over the next few years, as one of only three players who appeared in every broadcast season of the show's run on GSN. After four seasons, GSN cancelled plans for future events and at the current time there is no World Series of Blackjack.

GSN was not the only televised venue for tournament blackjack. In May 2004, I participated in the Las Vegas Hilton's Million Dollar Blackjack Tournament II which was subsequently broadcast on the Travel Channel. In the televised semifinal round, I was one winning hand away from advancing to the final table of seven players where the winner received one million in cash.

After the Travel Channel and GSN appearances, blackjack tournaments made the leap to bigger networks in September 2006 when the Ultimate Blackjack Tour was broadcast on CBS. In the premiere broadcast, I won the event with a first place finish worth $50,000.


After gaining a reputation as a leading tournament strategy expert, I authored monthly magazine columns in both Blackjack Confidential and All In Blackjack magazines during the run of those publications. You can still find my writing on an occasional basis in Henry Tamburin's email newsletter Blackjack Insider. If you choose to subscribe, please use my affiliate link: Blackjack Insider 1-Year subscription.

How to Win More Blackjack Tournaments

I have written two e-books on blackjack tournament strategy: "How to Win More Blackjack Tournaments" and "How to Win Even More Blackjack Tournaments - Volume II". Both books are loaded with strategy tips for players of any skill level, from newbie to pro, including several groundbreaking ideas that have never before appeared in print. Click here for a special package deal including both books.

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