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Blackjack for Winners DVD Set

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Quick Overview

Blackjack for Winners is a card counting instruction video on DVD. The two disc set provides everything you need to play a winning game.


Everything You Need to Know About Blackjack to Win

This set of DVDs takes a beginning player all the way from the basics through card counting and variation plays based on the count. The first disc covers these topics:

  • Basic strategy plays, (with a unique way to remember correct plays)
  • The High/Low Counting System
  • Variation Plays, based on the true count
  • Session, Trip, and Total Bankroll Requirements, based on the chip denomination
  • Money Management
  • Betting Strategies to disguise counting

A Bonus DVD is provided which contains one on one instruction with a novice player, that shows how to play and bet each hand properly based on the count. This bonus DVD answers questions commonly asked by novice players.

The set also includes a set of flash cards for practicing basic strategy.

If you're comparing this product to the DVD Beating Blackjack with Andy Bloch, this one is slightly more expensive but in my opinion is well worth the extra money. While the Bloch DVD is a good value at its price, this DVD is more thorough although not as polished in production. If you're interested in learning card counting, you might consider getting both.

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