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The Color of Blackjack

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If you use the simple yet powerful KO system of counting cards, this book can make you some extra money. It details a method to get most of the potential power of true-counting KO without the headaches.


This book is an excellent companion to my most-recommended title for beginning card counters, Knock Out Blackjack. The KO system presented in that book is a very effective unbalanced count. Although powerful, the KO system does trade some profitability for simplicity by eliminating the "true count conversion".

The ideas presented in The Color of Blackjack allow you to regain some of that extra profitability by using a practical and simple method to regain some of the true count information that KO normally does not provide. If you use KO, I think this is a must-read.

Author Daniel Dravot is a full-time professional blackjack player who makes his living on the road beating the games. In addition to the methods he describes for extending the KO system, I particularly liked a brief chapter entitled "What Pros Know", where you'll find some excellent advice about managing to win the money and still avoiding back-offs.

Additional Information

Author Daniel Dravot
ISBN-10 144042697X
ISBN-13 9781440426971
Pages 67
Publisher Daniel Dravot
Publication Date 2008