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Frugal Video Poker Scouting Guide

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Quick Overview

A concise flip-book reference including payout information for nearly 200 video poker paytables. Perfect for choosing the best games in the casino!


This handy reference guide is perfect for choosing the best video poker games in any casino. It lists a total of 184 different video poker paytables grouped by game type.

For each game, the most common payouts that vary are clearly indicated, which makes finding the correct version very easy. Once you identify a particular game, the guide gives you the expected return of that paytable. The guide also provides the break-even point for a progressive meter for 25c and $1 play. In addition, if a game is offered in Multi-Strike or Super Times Pay versions, the expected returns for those versions are shown as well.

Each game is classified with a Volatility Rating, which indicates how bumpy a ride the player can expect on the way to the expected return. This simple rating lets you quickly see which games are most expensive in the short term, in between hitting those premium hands.

With casinos getting ever trickier about the changes they make in video poker paytables, this is a great concise reference that lets you choose the best opportunities for your play.

3.5" X 7" spiral bound, printed on durable paper for rugged use.

Additional Information

Author Jean Scott and Viktor Nacht
ISBN-10 0910575274
ISBN-13 9780910575270
Pages 34
Publisher RGE Publishing
Publication Date 2007