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More Frugal Gambling

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A 400-plus page powerhouse title from the Queen of Comps. This book shows exactly how to extract the most value from the casino.


Jean Scott is known as The Queen of Comps, and for good reason. Jean has been a successful and winning video poker player for years and her first book The Frugal Gambler was a best-seller. Although this book might be described as a sequel to that title, I feel that it stands alone and serves more accurately as a new-and-improved replacement for her original book. Jean along with co-author and daughter Angela Sparks blazes a trail through the casino world in no-nonsense style. The two relate the details of everything you need to get maximum value for the time you spend in the casino.

For low-level advantage play they cover all the bases from slot clubs to exploiting promotions. They explain the differences between cashback and bounceback cash, tell you how and when to use a host, and describe countless small points of getting the best of it that are the result of Jean's many years of working the system.

Weighing in at over 400 pages of excellent advice, this is a great value.


Additional Information

Author Jean Scott with Angela Sparks
ISBN-10 0929712412
ISBN-13 9780929712413
Pages 406
Publisher Huntington Press
Publication Date 2003