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Holy Rollers DVD

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This DVD documentary tells the fascinating and true story of the Church Team, a group of high stakes "card counting Christians".


Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians is a documentary film about a well-organized and well-funded blackjack card counting team called the Church Team. As the name suggests, the members of this team met through their religious background, and the group includes church pastors as well as members of their congregations. The unusual nature of their vocation presents a rich contrast to their church lives, and this DVD film explores the contradictions inherent in their efforts.

The movie was well-received at several major film festivals, and for good reason. In addition to being a rare look behind the scenes of a major blackjack counting team, it draws from the larger backdrop of life decisions and integrity to tell a compelling story.

DVD, 91 minutes running time, 2012 from Connell Creations.

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