New Online Blackjack Strategy Trainer

This is the updated version of the old flash blackjack strategy trainer which was created by blackjack legend Ken Smith. The Blackjack Strategy Trainer is a free blackjack game that teaches basic strategy while you play.

If you find any bugs please leave a comment below! Your feedback is greatly appreciated. For mobile users in particular, please click on the full screen button (found at the top right of the game) for the best experience.

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Can you add an option to turn off the count?

archie wilford silva

I always run a better percentage when i play for more money.. I am at 71% wow

Christopher to CA Realtor 90254

Like the two deck game. Would lie to see multi player and Set pentation level. Its fun to practice!

mj snoopy

tried playing today neither the dealer nor my hands did not show the 2nd card many times. Annoying

Pat Allen

Great trainer, very helpful.


Can a casino agree to allow you to play multiple hands in a row? Say up to 100 times?


Thanks for this trainer, but the game gets really slow and choppy for me when I get close to 200 hands.


Couple of Requests:

  1. Add option of Showing Running Count – for practicing Card Counting
  2. Custom Bets – for practicing Betting Strategies

Love your site. This is the best practice game I have played. I don’t understand why people are complaining about the accuracy of play. My games currently range from 57% to 37%. Dealers longest run 8, my longest run 10. Seems well within the bounds of reality. Would be nice to be able to play multiple hands and to be able to add a counter in the options section. My bankroll gets wiped out or doubled up in the ratio I would expect playing simple basic strategy. Thank you for this trainer.


It would be so much fun if we could play 2 hands at a time.

Danny Michaelis

Love the site! Been using it to prepare for Vegas trips for years.

archie wilford silva

i noticed this is not a game for winning, however technique is the more important. The little number at the quit, which indicates the coach agree with you play is more important. WE ALWAY LOOK AT THE MONEY, AND NOT THE TECHNIQUE, THE USA WAY!!

Duane B.

leave the hand up in the background when you show the stats at the end, please. especially in quick mode, the cards disappear too quickly to absorb what happened! otherwise, great job. love the strategy coach!

d g

Nah this is also what happens in the casino and is good practice

dennis henley

Best trainer going.If you want to learn how to play the right way this is it.Thank you so much.


nearly every time the dealer shows a face card or 10 it draws to a 20


App appears to be broken – stops when you press the “play” button, but sits there with the shoe empty and goes no further (see attached Screen/shot) Have tried FF/Chrome, cleared browser cache, no fix.


I see it’s fixed now – Thanks!

dvd d

the game lets ya double twice if you click twice on ddouble LOL


wish you would let us play on split aces like a casino does.
i feel robbed, it loses all the fun.

Peter Kearney-Argow

you get to set the rules yourself, just play split aces

Double D

why did the V2 trainer advise surrender w double 6s vs dealer ace?

Panama Rick

Because you’re supposed to hit.


This is helping me count!

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