New Blackjack Strategy Trainer

This is the new mobile friendly blackjack strategy trainer. You can find the original version here

If you find any bugs please leave a comment below! Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

For mobile users in particular, please click on the full screen button (found at the top right of the game) for the best experience.

5 comments on “New Blackjack Strategy Trainer

  • I understand that this is a prectice mode of blackjack,. but if you split 10s, you really don’t understand the game. You play how you practice.

  • Anonymous said:

    The trainer just bugged on me. I just split tens for the second time and received a 7 on my first one and a A on my second one and now it’s not letting me stand. It’s only letting me double SO NOW i HAVE to double my soft 21 or close the game 🙁

  • The word of the option can be bigger, The amount of bet can be bigger. is there a quick bet of 100 200 400 800 . Can the maximun bet to 2000. THANKS

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