Correction made in Blackjack Strategy Engine!


Thanks to an attentive Blackjack Basic Strategy Engine user from Russia, I was notified today about a minor error in the charts it delivers.  The many rule settings for the engine means that there are hundreds of possible charts that can be generated.  The mistake appeared on only 3 of the possible charts, as you had to choose 1 Deck, Double After Split, Early Surrender, and No Peek to see the problem.

With those settings, the Engine’s chart for (8,8) vs dealer Ten showed that you should hit, when you should surrender instead.  This error only appeared for the very specific settings mentioned.

As always when I mention any rule choices that include Early Surrender, I must take a moment to point out that Early Surrender is quite rare.  In almost all cases, you should be choosing Late Surrender instead.  The difference?  Early Surrender means that you can surrender even if the dealer ends up with blackjack.  With the far more common Late Surrender rule, you cannot surrender until after the dealer has checked for blackjack.

The Engine has been updated to include the correction, and we’re back to delivering the most free strategy information of any site in the world.  Chart on!

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