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Advantage Play for the Casino Executive

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An expert analysis of many methods of legal advantage play, this book offers more value to players than to its intended audience of casino executives. Recommended!


It may seem strange to find a book for casino executives here at BlackjackInfo.com. Well, I think this title is actually more valuable to "us" than to "them"! Author Bill Zender is a well-respected consultant to casinos and he really understands the business. For years, he ran the table games at the Aladdin casino in Las Vegas, prior to its implosion and rebirth as the current Planet Hollywood.

Zender knew what too few casino execs did --- that dealing a good blackjack game to the square players was a lot more valuable than cutting penetration in an effort to combat a few sharp players. That attitude is rare indeed these days.

In this book, Zender examines many different methods of advantage play (legal ways for players to get an advantage over the games in the casino). The information he presents on hole-carding, complete with photos, has until now only been available in books like James Grosjean's Beyond Counting (priced at $250), or Steve Forte's Casino Game Protection (priced at $200). Here, for under $30, this information is a steal.

In addition to hole card play, Zender goes in depth on powerful methods of attacking blackjack games such as shuffle tracking and sequence tracking. From there, he branches out to cover biased wheels at roulette and the possibility of dice control at craps.

Zender ends his book with discussions of Three Card Poker, Caribbean Stud, and Video Poker, showing the ways that savvy players can get an edge in those games.

This book offers a wealth of information at a fantastic price.

8.5" X 11", spiral bound

Additional Information

Author Bill Zender
ISBN-10 No
ISBN-13 No
Pages 137
Publisher Bill Zender
Publication Date 2006