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No advanced player's bookshelf is complete without Don Schlesinger's monster contribution to the game of casino blackjack.


Playing the Pros' Way

3rd Edition - The Ultimate Weapon

by Don Schlesinger

Chock-full of charts and details, there has never before been a book like this. It includes more information about the casino game of blackjack than has ever been published in one place.

The audience for this book is strictly the serious player who is already actively using card counting techniques in the casino. It doesn't teach any card counting system, but instead gives you guidance in the more complicated questions that arise once you're proficient at the game. It serves as much as a reference source as a learning tool.

Among the topics covered are these:

  • How to choose between games based on profitability.
  • How to compare two counting systems in a fair way.
  • How to determine your risk of ruin and optimal betting strategy.
  • Analysis of the cost of camouflage plays.
  • The most accurate basic strategy charts ever published.
  • Complete "Effects of Removal" charts that extend the work of Peter Griffin in his Theory of Blackjack

My one complaint about the book is that it's actually a compilation of the author's many writings over the years, so it doesn't read from front to back like most books. That's a small issue however, given the value of the information presented. The discussion of risk of ruin alone makes it worth the price. It belongs on every advanced player's bookshelf.


Additional Information

Author Don Schlesinger
ISBN-10 0910575207
ISBN-13 9780910575201
Pages 533
Publisher RGE Publishing, Ltd
Publication Date 2005