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Blackjack Bluebook II

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Quick Overview

Fred Renzey's Blackjack Bluebook II is an interesting combination of solid basics and subtle points about winning casino blackjack.


Easy-to-read and chock-full of useful blackjack insights, Blackjack Bluebook II is quite an accomplishment. The book is split into four main sections: "Unique Nature of Blackjack", "What makes blackjack tick?", "Proper Blackjack Strategy", and "Gaining the Edge". Each builds on the previous level, and Renzey's explanations of many of these ideas are the best I have seen.

As an example, one of the unique sections of this book is chapter 6, "What comes after basic strategy?". Here, Renzey talks about several easy techniques that a player can use without card counting to improve his results at the table. This "in between" level of expertise between basic strategy and card counting is ignored by other authors, but well-served by Blackjack Bluebook II.

Once Renzey gets to card counting, he presents a total of three different effective counting systems. His explanations of how they work are guaranteed to make you a better player at any level. Late in the book, you'll find the "Nifty 15" camouflage plays, a short list of the best plays to use to look like a fish to the casino instead of a shark.


Additional Information

Author Fred Renzey
ISBN-10 0615131042
ISBN-13 9780615131047
Pages 217
Publisher Blackjack Mentor Press
Publication Date 2006