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Professional Blackjack

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A complete explanation of card counting with full details of two systems, the popular Hi-Lo and the very powerful Halves system.


This book is a complete resource of information about card counting, totaling more than 350 pages. Author Stanford Wong starts with the basics and then introduces the Hi-Lo counting system, the most commonly used system among card-counters. He moves on from there to a 3-level system called the Halves, which yields near perfect information about your advantage during the game. This belongs on the bookshelf of every advantage blackjack player.

As a reference source, Professional Blackjack includes a wealth of information about the effect of rule changes on your expected win rate. There are also tables that show the expected value of any given hand. Whenever a casino offers an unusual rule or promotion, this is often the first place I look for help.


Additional Information

Author Stanford Wong
ISBN-10 0935926216
ISBN-13 9780935926217
Pages 352
Publisher Pi Yee Press
Publication Date 1994