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Ultimate Blackjack Tour - The Complete First Season DVD

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The premiere season of the Ultimate Blackjack Tour on CBS. Ten episodes on 3 DVDs, plus bonus material.


The Ultimate Blackjack Tour was a series of blackjack tournaments produced for TV, airing on CBS in 2006. This 3-disc DVD set includes all ten of the shows from the premiere season as well as some bonus material.

The UBT used some interesting rule variations to make tournament blackjack exciting for TV. Their version of "Elimination Blackjack" has the lowest bankroll player eliminated every eighth hand. That leads to some pretty intense strategy leading up to the elimination hands. With some of the best tournament players in history playing these tables, you will see world-class play in these episodes.

The participants in this first season of the show were a hand-picked field including many talented blackjack players as well as some well-known poker players. You'll see Anthony Curtis, Blair Rodman, Phil Hellmuth, Annie Duke, Hollywood Dave, Ken Einiger and many others, including me, Ken Smith.

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