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Pro card counter Kevin Blackwood shares the strategies he has used to win more than a million dollars in his career.


Author Kevin Blackwood covers the whole spectrum of blackjack in this book, from basic strategy and card counting to team play and tournaments. The writing is top-notch and the information presented is both accurate and useful.

Blackwood draws on his years of experience as a high-stakes card counter, relating stories about his wins and losses, his experiences at team play, and his travels to casinos around the world in pursuit of profits. In addition to straight card-counting advantage play, he also covers casino promotions and tournaments.

With easy-to-understand lessons, practical advice, and personal anecdotes, Blackwood shows how players of all levels can become winners at the tables.


Additional Information

Author Kevin Blackwood
ISBN-10 0060731125
ISBN-13 9780060731120
Pages 267
Publisher HarperCollins
Publication Date 2005