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Video Poker Strategy Card - Pick'em Poker

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Strategy card for Pick'em Poker video poker. This four-panel card includes a beginner strategy and an advanced strategy.


This strategy card includes both a beginner and an advanced version of strategy for the video poker game called Pick'em. Pick'em is unlike any other variation of video poker but it is worth learning and seeking out in the casino because of its excellent return of 99.95%

In Pick'em, you are dealt two cards that are immediately part of your final hand. You are then given a choice between two stacks of three cards each to complete the hand. The top card is visible, so you are actually choosing the third card of your final hand and then the final two cards of the hand are revealed. It sounds odd, and it is. But, it makes sense after you play a few hands.

Because of the high return with perfect play, this game is almost always a positive expectation play when you add slot-club cashback. And, since you can play the game more quickly than regular video poker once you learn it, it can be among the best games available.

This is one card in a group of nine for various games, all created by video poker authorities Bob Dancer and Liam W. Daily. These are absolutely the best quality strategy cards available. Also available here, the entire set of nine cards.

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