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Video Poker Strategy Card - Joker Poker Two Pair

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Quick Overview

Strategy card for Joker Poker video poker games where the lowest paying hand is two pair. This six-panel card includes strategies from beginner to advanced.


This strategy card includes several different levels of strategy for the Joker Wild Two Pair and Joker Wild 5-of-a-Kind Jackpot varieties of video poker. Full-pay Joker Two-Pair returns almost 100% with perfect play (99.92%).

The card starts with a simple beginner strategy and adds further details on each panel, until the advanced strategy allows you to play almost perfect strategy.

Joker Wild is an unusual game and the best strategy is not at all obvious. It takes practice to master this game. This card contains everything you need to play the game accurately but I also recommend using video poker software such as Video Poker for Winners while learning this game.

Notice that there are two main variations of Joker Poker. There is another card available here for versions of Joker Wild where Kings or Better is the minimum payout.

This is one card in a group of nine for various games. These are absolutely the best quality video poker strategy cards available. The full set of cards is also available.

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