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Video Poker for the Intelligent Beginner

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Quick Overview

This book will give you a fast-track education on winning video poker. From how to identify the best machines to how to learn the optimal strategy, Dancer's introduction is a solid resource.


Successful and profitable play at video poker requires several skills.  You need to be able to identify the best games available.  You must understand the intricacies of optimal strategy.  And, you must understand the potential risk of the game and understand the bankroll requirements.

As a player and author about the game, Bob Dancer has no equals.  The undisputed top expert on the game has produced a work here that serves as a comprehensive introduction to the game.   Covering all the aspects necessary to becoming a winning player, Dancer lays out all facets of the game.

Aside from the important game details, this book also delves into the equally important understanding of players clubs and promotions.  These add-ons are critical for profitable play in the ever-tightening casino environment.

In short, this book will get you started playing and winning at video poker.

Additional Information

Author Bob Dancer
ISBN-10 0929712552
ISBN-13 9780929712550
Pages 237
Publisher Huntington Press
Publication Date 2008