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Video Poker Strategy Cards - Set of All Nine

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Quick Overview

The entire set of nine video poker strategy cards, including Jacks or Better, 8/5 Bonus, Double Bonus, Double Double Bonus, Deuces Wild, NSU Deuces, Joker Wild 2 Pair, Joker Wild Kings or Better, and Pick'em Poker.


This set of nine cards covers most of the popular varieties of video poker, and the strategies are appropriate for use with multi-line games and SpinPoker as well as single-line games.

Knowing accurate video poker strategy is an extremely useful skill in today's casino environments. Comps are often much easier to obtain for video poker players than for blackjack players, and there are often games available that return over 100% with accurate play, whether due to the paytable, a progressive jackpot, or slot club promotions and cashback.

These cards were created by video poker authorities Bob Dancer and Liam W. Daily and contain the best strategies available for the games they cover.

Most of the cards include four strategies: Beginner, Recreational, Basic and Advanced. That way, you can start with a simple strategy, and after you become comfortable you can add more decisions to extract more of the possible return from the game. Using the Advanced strategy on each card allows you to play nearly computer-perfect video poker.

If you're interested in just one card instead, I recommend starting with the Jacks or Better card. It is the easiest strategy to learn, and provides a good basis for learning additional games as needed. Each of the cards is available for sale here individually. Click here for the list of individual strategy cards.

If you are just learning the games, I recommend using both the strategy cards and practice software such as the Video Poker for Winners Software.