ThePOGG Posts an Interview with Ken Smith


Have you heard of ThePOGGThePOGG? ThePOGG is “The Player’s Online Gambling Guide”, a site created by an experienced online casino player who does casino reviews and dispute resolution for online gamblers.

This week, the site’s creator posted an interview with me.¬† Among the wide-ranging topics are a story about how I was actually too lucky at one promo, a back story of how randomly generated literature eventually led to my interest in gambling, and other tales from a life at the tables. I hope that BlackjackInfo visitors will find it interesting.

See the full interview here: ThePOGG Interviews Ken Smith

3 comments on "ThePOGG Posts an Interview with Ken Smith"

  • Really nice interview Ken, I agree that counting prepares the mindset for other casino games. I still prefer the blackjack strategy guides on this site over POGGs ones, though he has some nice video poker ones. K.

  • Scott said:

    Dear Ken,

    Would you consider The POGG to be the best source of information for online casinos? Thank you.



    • Author Ken Smith replied:

      The POGG is certainly a good choice, and was created by a knowledgeable player.
      I think it is, and will continue to be among the best resources.

      Another popular site is
      While I’m not always convinced that the CasinoMeister holds players’ interests foremost, the forums are still quite useful.

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