Ultimate Blackjack Tour Season Two Begins


It’s that time again…

The Ultimate Blackjack Tour has a second season of shows ready to air, and they start this Saturday (tomorrow) September 15th, 2007. Tune in on CBS at 2 PM Eastern to check out the first of the one-hour episodes.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Ultimate Blackjack Tour (UBT), it’s a classic blackjack tournament with some extra twists thrown in to make it more exciting and strategic. After each of hands 8, 16, and 25 in the round, the player at the table with the lowest chip count is eliminated. Unlike many traditional format tournaments, these rounds are exciting from start to finish as the players are all jockeying to stay out of the fatal last place spot.

In addition, each player has a single “Secret Bet” option they can use during the round, to conceal their bet and also their playing strategy. This adds a psychological element to the game that was missing before.

Tune in on CBS this weekend to check it out. One more note… In some markets, the local CBS affiliate might preempt the show for college football instead. If you check your local TV schedule and don’t see UBT listed at 2 PM Eastern, check the late night listings instead. Usually, each CBS station will air the show sometime, but it might be moved from the nationally scheduled timeslot.

I’ll be appearing in one of the later shows this season, in something called Battle of the Superstars. My two final table finishes in UBT events in Aruba and St Kitts aren’t scheduled to air this season, but have instead been slated for season three.

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  • CaptDot said:

    Hi. I really enjoy playing Blackjack (a real light wieght, though – small bankroll, $10-15.00 minimum tables) I watched the UBT today and enjoyed the play except for the disrespectful antics of “Hollywood Dave.” I know his obnoxious behavior is intended to rattle the other players (I applaude Erlinda for telling him to shut up in today’s match, and congrats to her for winning!) My guess is that they allow this behavior because some folks who may not watch otherwise, might tune in to see what he’ll do next. I don’t think this should be permitted due to the distraction it creates for other players and the total disrespect he displays toward other players. Also, I thought there was a 10 second window for the players to act on their hand. It appeared that with at least one hand he started his show and took a long time to get around to playing his hand. He should have forfeited the hand! In fact, in my opinion, as soon as he begins his craziness he should be told to sit down, shut up and respect the other players or be told to leave!

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