Maine Online Casinos

The Pine Tree State is somewhat conservative, and this also applies to gambling. Although Maine usually runs the middle-of-the-road politics, it has a more cautious approach regarding gambling activities.

Maine is home to two brick-and-mortar casinos that offer a complete array of gambling options. However, both are rather small. Unfortunately, sports betting isn’t present. There is also one racetrack in the Pine Tree State that offers live racing and pari-mutuel wagering. The state appears to be quite happy with the current choices and doesn’t plan to expand beyond them.

Ever since the US Supreme Court lifted the sports betting ban in May 2018, more and more states are thinking about legalizing sports gambling. Maine may very well soon become one of them. This is because a sports betting bill that would permit online sports gambling had arrived before the legislature in 2019. However, it’s difficult to say whether the authorities will accept it for now.

Currently, online gambling is unregulated in Maine.

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Is Online Gambling Legal in Maine?

Online gambling isn’t regulated or legalized in the Pine Tree State as of now. In addition, no current legislation is trying to advance online gambling activities. The only bill on the table right now is Maine’s sports betting bill. This bill would permit retail and online casinos to run online sports gambling, but only if they have the state’s license. The bill would allow Indian tribes to run sports gambling as well, albeit as an online-only form, but the bill says nothing about slots, poker, or any other casino game.

Even though there aren’t any online casinos that Maine regulates and licenses, the law of Maine says nothing about penalizing its citizens if they were to play online in the capacity of a player. This means that it isn’t illegal to act in the capacity of a mere individual in the Pine Tree State.

However, there are penalties for those operating online casinos. According to the Maine legislature, operating an online casino is a clear violation of the law, falling under the purview of “Unlawful Gambling.” Of course, any offshore online casino that is located outside the United States is out of Maine’s jurisdiction.

Even though there aren’t any Maine online casinos, you can still find some quality casino entertainment online in offshore casinos. Most of the time, you even don’t need to worry about their safety. Offshore casinos are often legitimate and provide clearly defined rules and guidelines that ensure a fair and safe gaming environment.

Additionally, if offshore casinos want to do business around the world and offer casino games to gambling enthusiasts, they require a license from a credible gaming jurisdiction, for example, the Malta Gaming Authority, which makes offshore casinos trustworthy and safe.

Ultimately, since there isn’t a federal law that forbids US players from gambling in licensed online gambling establishments, they are able to enjoy their favorite games on these websites worry-free. Online casinos that accept US residents prove their safety through the possession of valid licenses and certificates and monitoring by reputable gaming authorities. Moreover, offshore online casinos offer:

  • Enticing welcome bonuses to new players
  • A secure online gaming environment
  • A wide range of interesting casino games

Future of Gambling in Maine

Like we explained before, Maine follows the middle-of-the-road political direction, and its gambling regulation doesn’t deviate from this. In essence, the Pine Tree State doesn’t oppose gambling. However, both Maine voters, who were actually behind the approval of two casino referendums, and Maine’s Government like that things remain the same. This applies to both the number of casinos and their size.

It is probable that Maine will regulate and legalize online casino gaming in the future, but this will not happen any time soon. Although a sports betting bill that would enable both land-based and online sports betting is currently before the Legislature, this is still a far-fetch from complete legalization of online gambling.

Since Maine state-regulated gambling depends on the presence of land-based casinos and real money poker rooms that have table games and poker variations like Texas Hold’em, online gambling establishments have no room to set up shop. However, as Maine seems to have a more lenient attitude toward gambling than some other states in the US, some experts believe that online gambling will one day become a part of the state of Maine.

Land-based Casinos in Maine

In the Pine Tree State, you can find two brick-and-mortar casinos and two other land locales that have some kind of gambling. Moreover, here you can find one racetrack without casino gambling. Let’s explore these options further:

Oxford Casino Hotel

Appropriately enough, you can find the Oxford Casino Hotel in Oxford, Maine. Since the authorities of Maine like to keep the gambling industry under control, the scope of operations of casinos is rather limited.

The location has around 7,000 square feet of gaming space, 28 gaming tables, and less than 1,000 video poker machines and slots. When it comes to accommodation, there are around 100 suites and hotel rooms.

Even though Oxford Casino Hotel size is rather limited, the locale offers a broad range of table games, including:

  • Roulette
  • 3-Card poker
  • Blackjack
  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em
  • Craps
  • Mini-baccarat

However, these games aren’t open 24/7, so it’s advised that you call in advance to find out the typical operating hours. Unfortunately, there isn’t any live poker room here. Regarding food, the locale offers three different dining options — Oxford Express, Oxford Grill, and the Ox Pub. It almost seems that there is a legal requirement that everything must have “Oxford” in its name.

Hollywood Casino Bangor

Also known as Maine’s Northern Casino, The Hollywood Casino Bangor is found near the home of legendary Stephen King, Bangor, Maine. The venue offers around 800 choices of entertainment, including video keno, video poker, and slot games. Its hotel has 148 hotel rooms, 5 suites, and a gym.

Moreover, this locale is the home of Maine’s only live poker room that has four tables. The games here include Limit Texas Hold ‘em, No-limit Texas Hold ‘em, 7-Card Stud, and Omaha. Although its website says that the games are open from 10–3 AM, if you come in late you may find them closed since they’re based on player demand. This is especially true for weekdays.

The venue also offers a table games pit that includes Craps, High Card Flush, Blackjack, and Three-Card Poker. We advise that you call ahead to check out their usual operating hours. You can eat here at three different establishments — Take 2 Snack Bar, the Hops House 99, and the Epic Buffet. Regarding aesthetics, when you see one Hollywood Casino, you see them all.

The casino also houses Bangor Raceway and has live harness racing from May to November, as well as simulcast betting.

Scarborough Downs

This one is a horse racetrack. You can find it in Scarborough, Maine. Scarborough Downs offers live harness racing from March to December. Its live racing is available, for the most part, on weekends. However, you can also enjoy it, on occasion, on Thursdays, or during the summer. Besides this, the venue offers simulcast betting throughout the whole year.


Although Maine doesn’t have online casino options, you need to be 21 in order to play slots and gamble in Maine casinos, and 18 if you want to place a pari-mutuel wager.

Maine doesn’t have online casinos. However, if you want to gamble in offshore casinos, they are likely safe. Of course, you should research the offshore casino in question a bit and explore who licenses and monitors them.

Yes, there are. You can find table games like Limit Texas Hold‘em, No-limit Texas Hold‘em, Omaha, and much more. Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, are also available. Although, only Hollywood Casino Bangor offers live poker tables.

Basically, you can play almost every type of casino game in Maine you can imagine.