World* Series of Poker (* approved players only)

Sunday’s Las Vegas Review Journal included a letter to the editor titled “Champion of all the players … that Harrah’s allows”. The author Bob Nersesian is well-known in advantage gambler circles, as an attorney with an outstanding track record in defending legal players from the often-illegal tactics used by local casinos to harass them.

In his letter to the LVRJ, Nersesian describes how Harrahs has chosen to prevent some players from participating in the World Series of Poker events at the Rio Casino, because those players had been barred for skillful play at other casino games. What kind of World Series is that? It would be easy for Harrahs to make this event a true World Series by permitting these players limited access to the Rio to compete in these events.

Nersesian rightly asks “What honor is there in being crowned the best in the world when a Babe Ruth of the game may be sitting at home?”

One comment on “World* Series of Poker (* approved players only)

  • Sidekick said:

    I’m so tired of barring and illegal gambling online etc. Honestly, what is the NEXT course of action for players?


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