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Here is a list of all recommended online casinos that accept PayPal as a payment method. Please note that while a casino may accept a deposit in PayPal, it doesn't mean that you will be able to withdraw using that same banking method. Click on the corresponding review links for more information about each online casino.

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Introduction to Paypal

PayPal is arguably the most widely popular and accepted e-wallet service across the globe. It first appeared back in 1998, and only a few years later, managed to merge with one of the largest e-commerce platforms – Ebay. As a result, the payment processor not only gained further credibility and reliability but also managed to get its popularity among users on a whole different level.

Since 2014...

...when the company was officially separated and established as an independent organization, PayPal continued in its progressive tracks. The service spread across online retail platforms of all kinds, and is nowadays a familiar method of payment for users of all ages.

How to Get a PayPal Account?

A dominant factor in the growth and development of the PayPal service is its simple and straightforward platform and signup procedure. Interested users only need to register straight from the official website and locate one of the numerous retailers who have partnered with the service.

The registration process requires users to enter their personal information, but this shouldn’t worry potential users. The basic information input during this process are kept safe and secure in the company servers, and the same goes for the banking information you will need to input next.

After all, the PayPal e-wallet account needs to be funded with real money in order to be used for payments. In this regard, users can choose from a range of credit and debit cards, other e-wallets, online payment services, banking transfers and the likes.

The Visa payment method has managed to build up a worldwide network of partners during its existence. As a result, it is accepted at a large portion of land-based retailers, sellers and service providers. With the rise of e-commerce, it was one of the first payment processing solutions to meet the newly created need for remote payments.

Other than the intuitive mechanics of the service:

PayPal’s popularity is just as largely due to its security. The company has strict regulations when it comes to its partnering merchants, which is why customers are commonly said to be the most privileged. According to company policy, the e-commerce establishment needs to be fully licensed, secure and regulated by the jurisdiction’s specific regulative.

What is more, it is most known for its policy regarding complaints – a larger number of submitted complaints, along with a thorough investigation regarding the partner’s policies often lead PayPal to remove their payment channel from the respective platform.

Casino Payment Method

Online casinos and similar online gambling platforms – sportsbooks poker rooms, bingo gaming and the likes – have grown into a major portion of the e-commerce market. As a result, PayPal has swiftly found application at the many sites offering this service. Its initial beginnings in the online gambling industry have noted some of the most prolific times for the service, as many players were already aware of or even familiar with the service. Using PayPal for online casino deposits and withdrawals was practically a key online gambling strategy.

In order to fund your live dealer blackjack action, online slot gameplay and the likes, it is first essential that you choose the top PayPal casino that best fits your needs and preferences. In this regard, there is hardly any chance to go wrong with the choice, as potential customers looking to play at PayPal casinos will be able to use all the benefits of the reputable service.

Afterwards, all you need to do is log in or register for an account with the platform, and choose PayPal as a banking method. Considering you have pre-funded your e-wallet with a banking method of your choice specifically, the funds should be immediately available and transferable to your online casino account.

Withdrawals make use of the same procedure, only in the opposite direction, allowing players to cashout their winnings from the top software titles available.

Advantages & Disadvantages of PayPal Online Casino Payments

With PayPal’s widespread use across global retailers, there is no denying the benefits of using this service. Familiarity and reliability of the e-wallet inevitably make up for a boost in its sails, but it is its security policy for the most part that has turned it into a global phenomenon. With strict regulations and instant precautions against unregulated activities, PayPal is quite the optimal online casino payment solution.

The one major disadvantage is its country restrictions. Thus, despite its US-central market position, it only recently became available at the top US casino platforms, and the same is true for numerous jurisdictions whose players aren’t allowed to play and off-shore licensed websites.