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  • Paul Hennessey said:

    Why not double my 11 against an ace that the dealer has proved is not a blackjack?

    • LVBear replied:

      Please post this question on the Forum message board. Thank you.

  • Eser Aras said:

    Torneios exclusivos diários de jogo em máquinas slots on-line! Não perca a sua chance! Adere!

  • Marco Casula said:

    Hello there,
    here just another developer with some free time in the weekend that want to produce a free software that maybe will be useful for someone else.

    Right now me and a few other people are collaborating on a public repository to accomplish the first Goal: release a fully “customizable” blackjack engine written in nodejs (usable as server side or client side).

    Consider the following:
    – no one company is sponsoring the project (and we do not want it)
    – code is fully reusable by you for any purpose you want (under GPL 2 licence)
    – code is free

    What are we releasing?
    – YES the full code, its tests.
    – YES a minimal user interface to play the game with its server that can be used as model to build something ready for production.
    – NO, a nice and attractive user interface ready for final customer (that is up to you)

    So, I’m writing here to ask if are we allowed to use references we discover in this page as part of the documentation (commenting the source of the information)?

    Thanks a lot for you time and if you want to contribute to our project (by asking for particular options or variation that are not yet included) you are very welcome.

    You can access the project here https://github.com/kedoska/engine-blackjack

    • LV Bear replied:

      Yes, you may use material herein, as long as blackjackinfo.com receives proper attribution.

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