Freeware Blackjack Combinatorial Analysis Software

BlackjackInfo is proud to be the host for a very nice addition to the toolkit of the blackjack community.

MGP’s BJCA is now available as freeware: “MGP” is the username of a blackjack enthusiast and talented coder that is a member of our community here. “BJCA” stands for Blackjack Combinatorial Analyzer.

This free software for the Microsoft Windows platform will let you analyze just about any blackjack rule set you can imagine. It offers extensive support for specialized bonus rules. You can calculate optimal strategies for any game, and examine a ton of detail about the expected values and effect of removal of cards.

I’ve been a user of this “underground” software for several years, and I’m happy to see it now available to everyone.

Check it out, along with a short synopsis of what combinatorial analysis is all about, here:
MGP’s Blackjack Combinatorial Analyzer

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