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Gambling with an Edge

Earlier this year, I was the guest on the Gambling With an Edge radio show in Las Vegas. I mentioned it in the BlackjackInfo email newsletter, but I just realized that it never got posted here on the blog.

The show includes a couple of stories that I think BlackjackInfo visitors will find interesting. I describe one play where I won over $100,000 on a single hand of cards, and another play at a 2:1 blackjack promotion that yielded a big profit along with an uncomfortable situation.

You can listen to the show, and see more details at Gambling With an Edge.

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Creator of, very few can rival Ken's experience and knowledge of blackjack. His blackjack resume includes winning numerous tournament winnings, making several TV appearances and authoring multiple books on blackjack tournament strategy. Discover more about Ken's background and how he got started here

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Robert barnes

Hi Ken I’ve learnedken Uston Advanced plus minus really kind of struggling with all the – numbers is there any reason to learn the minus numbers above -5 you aren’t you’re not going to run into that much. I would like your advice on that.. and do you think this is the best count for today’s action or should I switch to a high low I don’t think I’m able to play level 2 account thank you spraymaster and I’m also from the same area you are from would love to meet you sometime I admire all your website very much and very respectful to your knowledge I would like to find someone to help find tune


OK thanks for your help I will try this keep you up date in a few months

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