Delaware Online Casinos

Due to its small size, Delaware is a state often overlooked for many things. However, one thing that sets Delaware apart from all the other states is the fact that it is a haven for gamblers and bettors. Since online gambling is legal in this state, people in Delaware can play their favorite casino games online for real money whenever they want.

Playing online games has been legal in this state for a while now, but since the regulations introduced in 2012 came into effect, players have felt even more secure and confident. Read on below to find out in more detail what the current position of online casinos in this state is.

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Is Online Gambling Legal in Delaware?

Delaware is known as a state with one of the strongest gaming industries in the whole United States. It has a long history of gambling and it was, in fact, among the first states to sanction gambling. Also, Delaware was one of the few states that were absolved from the full impact of the PASPA federal government law in 1992. For the reasons mentioned above, Delaware has become synonymous with online gambling in the US.

In the past, the state laws were not so lenient when it came to gambling. Since the state was only permitted to issue licenses for very limited sports betting, players could only gamble on 3-team parlay NFL bets. When PASPA was reversed, Delaware decided to legalize all sports betting, and gambling options have expanded tremendously since 2012. In June 2018, first full sports bets were approved in Delaware, long before they were in the majority of other states.

Delaware has three land-based casinos with a legal electronic gaming license for all state residents. All three of them have their online casino sites run by The Delaware Lottery. The main reason for the relatively small number of land-based casinos is obviously the small population. Another reason is the fact that there are no big names of the gambling industry, like Tribal Casinos, present there.

Allowing users to play real money online casino games makes Delaware one of the three states which allow online gambling, the other two states being New Jersey and Nevada. Players can also bet on daily fantasy sports, such as online poker rooms and tournaments linked between Nevada and New Jersey.

Legal gambling revenue boosts Delaware’s economy as well. Thanks to the income taxes coming from the gaming industry, the state can improve the lives of its citizens and support more community projects.

What Types of Online Games Are Legal in Delaware?

Delaware residents can play their favorite table games or slots in any of the three land-based casino gaming sites. However, if they prefer to indulge in some gambling action from the comfort of their own homes, they can do so, too. Still, in order to be eligible to play, both the experienced online players and newcomers must be state residents. The casinos’ software can track the members’ locations to ensure that they are indeed a Delaware resident — it is almost impossible to access the casino’s software and download it without an IP address from Delaware.

Some of the most popular games and key attractions of Delaware’s online casinos are online poker games and online horse and greyhound betting. All three Delaware land-based racetracks have online platforms that allow horse and greyhound racing enthusiasts to place real cash bets over the Internet.

Social casinos are also available and legal for players to access via the browser or a dedicated app. They offer most of the common casino games free to play, including blackjack, video poker, and slots.

Finally, the state of Delaware allows its residence to play online fantasy sports betting. Delawareans may team up with friends, colleagues, or other sports fans across the state to play for real cash.

Land-Based Casino Options in Delaware

Delaware has three land-based casinos offering casino games their residents can play. Read on below for more details about gambling establishments you can find in Delaware.

Casino at Delaware Park

Casino at Delaware Park was established in 2013. It is a land-based casino with an online license, authorized to perform real money transactions. Its offer includes well-known casino games such as poker, roulette, blackjack, craps and keno. This casino also offers different types of slot games. As a Delaware resident, you can get a $100 match bonus on your first deposit when you log in to Delaware Park Online. Moreover, Casino at Delaware Park has great restaurants and customer support available to all players via phone or email.

Dover Downs Hotel & Casino

Dover Downs & Casino is a hotel, casino and racetrack complex in Delaware. Featuring more than 2,600 gaming machines, table and poker games, race and sportsbooks, as well as exclusive fully-equipped hotel rooms and suites, it is the largest casino in the state. Seeing as the majority of games are slots while the selection of other games is rather limited, this casino’s target demographic are clearly players who prefer slot games. Horse racing track was opened in 1969 and it hosts live harness racing from November through April. The casino has a very good mobile app and it offers generous welcome bonuses for new players. In addition, Dover Downs & Casino is open 24/7.

Harrington Raceway & Casino

At Harrington Raceway & Casino players can enjoy over 1600 slots, as well as over 30 tables, or they can pull up a seat at a 100-seat poker table. It is a small but friendly casino that offers a pleasant stay for all players. Harrington Raceway & Casino hosts live horse racing from April to June and from August to October.

Future of Online Gambling in Delaware

Delaware has legalized online slots, video poker and other casino games in 2013. While this was a big step for the whole region, it was still somehow expected to happen. States around Delaware have announced the relaxing of the current laws regulating gambling, as a countermeasure preventing players from moving from state to state to avoid gambling laws.

This has resulted in a large number of applications sent from casino operators to the government of Delaware. They were surprised by the fact that their small state could attract so much interest in online gaming and they were not prepared for such a huge response. Large number of applications may have slowed down the approval process, but things are only looking up.

In Delaware, every year the number of places where people can play real money casino games gets higher. If things continue to move in the right direction, it is expected that the number of online casinos providing this service to Delaware residents will increase considerably; and with it, so will the overall quality of the state’s casino offer.

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Yes, casinos are legal in Delaware. There are three land-based casinos in Delaware, which is more than enough considering the size of the state and the number of players it has.

Delaware is one of the three states in the US, along with New Jersey and Nevada, where online gambling is legal and regulated. Delaware is also known as the “First State” because it was the first to legalize online gambling.

The legal gambling age for players in Delaware is 18 for lottery-style games, while you need to be at least 21 to play casino-style games.

Delaware has three land-based casinos with a legal electronic gaming license for all state residents. All three have their dedicated online casino sites, which are managed by The Delaware Lottery.

No. Casino software can track your location to ensure that you are in fact a Delaware resident, and it won’t allow you to access the casino software and download it without an IP address located in Delaware.