Nebraska Online Casinos

Gambling was one of the most popular pastime activities in Nebraska in the 19th century. What’s more, it was so popular that the second most-played poker game was named after one of Nebraska’s cities — Omaha.

Unfortunately, the situation is much different nowadays with most forms of gambling deemed illegal in the Cornhusker State. This article will discuss both online and land-based gambling in Nebraska in detail, so bear with us to get the full picture regarding gambling in this midwestern US state.

Top 5 Nebraska Online Casinos

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Is Online Gambling Legal in Nebraska?

As with many US states, online gambling falls into the gray area of gambling laws. Nebraska’s constitution does not specifically mention online gambling because of its outdated nature. However, the constitution does mention electronic devices as an illegal form of gambling, so some authorities might consider this part of the law as relating to online gambling.

Despite this, since the law isn’t clear on online gambling, most Nebraska residents join legal offshore sites in order to gamble. There haven’t been any cases of prosecution of players playing on online websites, as Nebraska law mainly focuses on prosecuting gambling operations occurring within state borders. Moreover, there haven’t been any cases of online gambling operations in the Cornhusker State.

Therefore, offshore online gambling is a safe way to indulge in online gambling for individual players. Remember that it’s best to keep that information to yourself and not advertise it publicly.

Are Daily Fantasy Sports Legal in Nebraska?

Similarly, daily fantasy sports fall into the gray legal area in Nebraska. However, not being an officially legitimate gambling operation hasn’t stopped DFS operators from offering gambling on DFS in the state. Nebraska tries to follow the footsteps of fellow states, but the lack of interest in gambling has been a prevalent issue in legalizing online gambling.

Progress on gambling laws in Nebraska has always been slow, a perfect example being the bill to legalize daily fantasy sports. The first try of legalizing DFS happened in 2016, but the bill couldn’t be passed because of the lack of votes. The senator came back a year later, backed by major DFS operators that claimed that Nebraska has more than 300,000 daily fantasy sports players. The second DFS bill, Bill 469, was introduced to the government in 2017, and three years later, the bill still hasn’t made any progress.

Even though DFS still isn’t legal in the state, major operators, such as DraftKings and FanDuel, still operate within state lines. Unfortunately, Nebraska isn’t a progressive state when it comes to online gambling, so we doubt any changes will be made in the near future.

Land-Based Casino Options in Nebraska

With Nebraska being a conservative state, there are not many land-based options in this midwestern state. Nebraska defines gambling as “betting something of value upon the outcome of a future event which is determined by an element of chance.”

There are few legal forms of gambling in the state, including horse racing, bingo, raffles, non-profit fundraisers, and land-based Indian casinos. Currently, there are no land-based commercial casinos in Nebraska. However, there have been attempts to introduce brick-and-mortar commercial casinos but without any success.

If you’re visiting Nebraska, you will come across four tribal casinos within the state borders. Two casinos are operated by the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska, while the other two are operated by the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska and the Santee Sioux Tribe of Nebraska, subsequently. Take a look at each of these casinos below.

Iron Horse Bar and Casino

The first of two casinos operated by the Winnebago Tribe is located in Emerson, a small village in Nebraska. The small-town casino offers a selection of multi-denomination games and progressive jackpots. The Iron Horse casino has 89 machines on its casino floor, including easy-to-play games and special promotions. Visitors can also enjoy the accompanying bar and restaurant.

Native Star Casino

The other casino operated by the Winnebago Tribe is located in Winnebago, on highway 77. The Native Star casino promotes its rewards card with club membership and additional perks. The casino floor operates with 83 playing machines, including progressive jackpots. Players can take part in Gold Series multi-million dollar progressive games or choose some of its multi-denomination games.

Ohiya Casino and Resort

The Ohiya casino is operated by the Santee Sioux Nation, located in Niobrara County. This casino and resort is a much larger complex than the previously mentioned casinos, so players can expect a variety of available games. You can test your gambling skills on multiple video poker games and three-reel slot machines. The casino doesn’t lack progressive jackpot games or bingo nights for more low-profile players. If you’re feeling tired, you can grab a drink at their exclusive restaurant or take a rest at the hotel.

Lucky 77 Casino

The Omaha Tribe operates the last casino on our list, which you can visit if you’re driving through Walthill, a tiny village in Nebraska. Lucky 77 casino is a significantly smaller casino compared to the other three tribal casinos in the state. Players can opt for one of the available slot machines or choose to try out their luck on one of the 64 electronic bingo machines.

Future of Online Gambling in Nebraska

With its conservative culture and few legal gambling options, Nebraska does not leave many opportunities to its residents and visitors. A few exceptions have been made regarding tribal casinos and charitable gaming.

Currently, we don’t see any upcoming changes regarding online gambling in Nebraska. The government is stalling the legalization of daily fantasy sports, and there are slim chances that online casinos will be regulated within the state.

However, Nebraska players can still rely on offshore gambling sites as they are not considered illegal in the Cornhusker State. The online activity isn’t outlawed, but it’s also not encouraged by the state. Additionally, Nebraska residents can opt for one of the few brick-and-mortar casinos or travel to neighboring Iowa for more land-based options.


Online gambling isn’t considered legal in the state of Nebraska. However, many players opt for legal offshore casinos as a safe form of online gambling.

Unfortunately, there are few land-based gambling options in Nebraska. Players can opt for one of the four available tribal casinos located in four locations within the state.

No, it isn’t. Online casino games are not considered legal in Nebraska. However, you can choose to join a poker game in one of the many legal offshore casinos operating within state borders.

The legal gambling age in the state of Nebraska differs depending on the gambling activity. If you want to participate in lottery games, you need to be at least 19 years old. On the other hand, if you’re planning on placing a bet in a land-based casino, the required gambling age is 21 years.

At the moment, DFS is not legal in Nebraska, but many major DFS operators still conduct daily fantasy sports in the state. Although daily fantasy sports are not permitted, many players join in the activity without any legal consequences.