North Carolina Online Casinos

The history of gambling in North Carolina does not go to the favor of gambling enthusiasts. The Old North State has strict regulations regarding land-based gambling, with legalizing only gambling in tribal casinos. On the other hand, gambling in online casinos has not been deemed illegal according to any current North Carolina laws. With that in mind, let’s dive into the details of the online casino industry in this Southeastern US state.

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Is Online Gambling Legal in North Carolina?

Currently, there are no laws that prohibit online gambling in North Carolina. However, the laws surrounding all types of gambling are quite rigorous, meaning that any operator located in NC is operating against the law. The authorities would usually target businesses that operate online gambling within the state borders and not individual players.

Interestingly, North Carolina is considered to be more progressive than its neighboring Southern states. In the Old North State, you can legally play state bingo online, or “beach bingo” as the locals call it.

However, if you are interested in more exciting games where you can maximize your winnings, you might want to opt for some offshore casino sites where you can play table games such as poker, blackjack, baccarat, and similar. There are plenty of online sites to join where you can choose to play casino games from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Many of them offer mobile applications as well.

Are Daily Fantasy Sports Legal in North Carolina?

Daily fantasy sports have not been officially legalized in North Carolina, but many players have been placing bets for years. The state does not have any laws that prohibit wagering on daily fantasy sports, but any type of online gambling is frowned upon.

On the other hand, there have been various reports by local players describing their DFS gambling experiences, and there hasn’t been any unfortunate incident. Many DFS operators are still active in the Old North State, and players are free to join anytime.

Bill HB 929 intended to legalize DFS in the state. It has successfully passed the House Commerce Committee leading a lot of gambling enthusiasts to believe that North Carolina has eased their stands on online gambling. However, the bill was not approved by the Judiciary Committee. Interestingly, there were no disagreements about legalizing DFS but about regularities in the bill itself. There is a possibility of DFS being officially legalized in the next year or two.

Future of Online Gambling in North Carolina

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any good news regarding the legalization of online casinos and gambling any time soon. Lawmakers take a dim view of online gambling and, currently, there are no bills, in the paper form at least, that will introduce any changes. The overall track record of the state does not showcase a lot of willingness for change. The situation is similar in most Southern states.

However, since there is a growing demand for online gambling, most players opt for playing on offshore sites. Luckily, many international casino sites target the Old North State residents, and there are plenty of regulated online gambling sites where you can expect a safe and secure gambling experience.

Land-Based Casino Options in North Carolina

There are a few legal options for gambling in North Carolina, and all of them are located on tribal land. There are only two tribal casinos in the whole state, owned and operated by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Aside from the two casinos, this Native American tribe also holds a high-stakes bingo parlor in the state.

The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act from 1994 determined that Native Americans could build and operate land-based casinos in the state. An interim casino was opened in 1995 while the permanent casino opened in 1997. At first, the casino only offered electronic games, but from 2012, the casino introduced table games as well. The second casino was opened in 2015.

Take a look at what the two casinos offer below.

Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort

This casino is located on the Qualla Boundary in Cherokee in North Carolina. Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort was opened in this location in 1997, and it is the first legal land-based casino in North Carolina. In the 1990s, the North Carolina law required that all games have some skill level, meaning that the casino first offered only video poker games, slots, and other electronic games.

In 2012, the casino introduced table games and, currently, there are over one hundred available table games in this casino resort. Poker lovers can enjoy no-limit tournaments that are organized daily.

Moreover, the resort is a perfect getaway location for anyone. You can make a reservation at one out of a thousand available rooms at the largest hotel in NC. There are an indoor and outdoor pool, as well as an events center and a bowling complex, among other amenities.

Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River

A smaller and much younger casino is owned and operated by the same NC tribe. It is located in Murphy, an hour-long drive from its sister casino. The casino floor is one of the most visited ones on the east coast. There are more than a thousand slot games on the floor and 70 table games. You can take a rest at one of their 300 rooms or enjoy one of their many restaurants or cafes.

Cherokee Tribal Bingo

This tribal bingo parlor is much smaller than its two casino sisters, but it has its loyal audience. Cherokee Tribal Bingo is located in Cherokee, and it offers only bingo to about one thousand people. If you’re interested in playing bingo at this location, you need to be at least 18 years old. You can take part in bingo games any day from Wednesday to Sunday.

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in more detailed laws on online and land-based gambling in North Carolina, you might want to contact a lawyer. This is something we recommend when it comes to states where gambling laws are rigorous. If not, this article should provide more than enough information to get you through your gambling experience in the Old North State.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like there will be any breakthroughs in legalizing online casinos and gambling sites in North Carolina. For now, players can look forward to the possible legalization of daily fantasy games.


Technically, online casinos are not legal in North Carolina. However, there are many legitimate offshore casino sites where you can invest your hard-earned money and time.

If you are interested in casino gambling, you will need to be at least 21 years old, while you need to be 18 years old to play bingo.

Daily fantasy sports are not officially legal in North Carolina, but many DFS operators are active in the state.

Currently, there are only two land-based casinos in the Old North State, and both are owned and operated by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Additionally, you can visit one bingo parlor if you’re a bingo fan.

North Carolina does not have a law that prohibits offshore online casinos. Players are free to join and play in any offshore casino of their choice. However, we recommend players to stick to licensed and regulated online casinos in order to have a safe and secure gambling experience online.