Ohio Online Casinos

Ohio residents could consider themselves among the lucky ones when it comes to gambling in the US states. Most gambling forms are legal in this Midwestern state, with the Ohio Casino Control Commission controlling and regulating all the gaming performed in the state. Online casinos are not permitted within state borders, but there are no laws that prohibit offshore online gambling.

In Ohio, legal gambling options include instant bingo, bingo, raffles, and other games of chance, as well as horse race betting, state lottery, video lottery terminals (VLTs) at race tracks, keno, skill-based amusement machines, and casinos. Ohio has a few tribal land-based casinos as well. Let’s dive in to discover more about casinos in Ohio.

Top 5 Ohio Online Casinos

Here is a list of our top 5 recommended online casino sites to play at for real money from Ohio.

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Is Online Gambling Legal in Ohio?

Although Ohio doesn’t have strict gambling laws, the state enforces severe punishments for cheating while gambling. Cheating in Ohio is defined as to “offer, give, solicit, or accept anything of value to corrupt the outcome of an athletic or sporting event;” or “engage in conduct designed to corrupt the outcome of an athletic or sporting event.”

Players caught cheating or fixing games might be charged with a first-degree misdemeanor and/or punished with up to a $1,000 fine.

Gambling on Native American land is allowed according to federal laws. Aside from that, players can also enjoy casino games in four cities — Columbus, Toledo, Cleveland, and Cincinnati, as allowed by the state. Moreover, charitable organizations are permitted to hold gambling events to raise money, but only with bingo and raffle games.

Ohio has strict laws about sports betting, meaning that wagering on sports or other similar events is punishable by law in Ohio. Moreover, public gambling is illegal in Ohio, while social and private gambling is allowed.

When it comes to online casinos in Ohio, as is the case with most US states, owning and operating an online casino within state lines is illegal. However, there are no indications in the state law that playing gambling games in offshore online casinos is banned.

At the moment of writing this review, there were no indications that online casinos will become legal in Ohio in the near future. Currently, there are no included amendments for online casinos. Ohio lawmakers have not yet addressed the possibility of legalizing online casinos.

On the other hand, if you are interested in sweepstakes games, you can enjoy them legally while in Ohio. The majority of Ohio players are prone to sweepstakes poker games, as they are not considered illegal. You can join one of many sweepstakes poker sites in Ohio, as they are regarded as games where prizes are handed out and not awarded. Since you are not betting dollar for dollar on a website, you are allowed to enjoy a thrilling game of poker. Playing sweepstakes poker is an excellent way to indulge in a poker game without worrying about your bankroll. Some sites also provide controlled poker tournaments for a more pleasant gambling feeling.

There are a few land-based sweepstakes casinos in Ohio where you can safely bet without using cash money. You can visit one of two sweepstake casinos in the state — Chumba Casino or LuckyLand Slots.

Is DFS Legal in Ohio?

Daily fantasy sports are legal in the state of Ohio. Players can legally place wagers on daily fantasy sports games since 2017. The previous laws regarding DFS have been unclear. Still, since about two million people were engaged in DFS games online at the time, the governor decided to legalize daily fantasy sports.

The most popular DFS operator in the state is DraftKings, with FanDuel making a lot of traction over the last couple of years. Whichever DFS operator you select, you can rest assured that you are engaging in a legal online game.

The Future of Online Gambling in Ohio

There aren’t many reasons to think that the future of online gambling in Ohio is dim. Ohio has witnessed a substantial revenue in gambling in the last decade, making it one of the few US states not to frown upon gambling. The Buckeye State is one of the friendliest states when it comes to gambling. Players can enjoy casino games in one of over ten land-based casinos in the state, or they can place wagers on horse and greyhound racing.

Unfortunately, there are no bills that will legalize online gambling in Ohio at the moment. We believe that Ohio is a good representative of a US state on its way to legalizing online gambling, as it shows promise and innovative thinking.

Currently, there are negotiations about legalizing sports betting both online and land-based, so it might seem as if online gambling is on the right path. In the meantime, players can enjoy one of many DFS games online as an alternative to sports betting. Moreover, many offshore online casinos do not restrict players from Ohio.

With many different options for gamblers in Ohio, we can only hope that the choices will be broadened in the future.

Land-Based Casino Options in Ohio

There are many land-based casino options in Ohio in all major cities, as well as smaller towns. Players can enjoy the exciting casino environment while making some real cash by playing their favorite slots or casino games. Let’s see which two brick-and-mortar casinos are the most popular choices in Ohio.

Jack Cleveland Casino

Jack Cleveland Casino, formerly known as Horseshoe Cleveland Casino, has been operating since 2012. The casino is known as the first casino opened in Ohio, and it was developed by Rock Ohio Caesars. You can enjoy a variety of games on over 100,000 square feet of casino space. It’s one of the largest casinos in Ohio with an abundance of games, including over 1,600 slot machines, more than 100 table games with 28 poker tables, and 35 electronic table games.

If you’re interested in quality stay, Jack Cleveland Casino is teamed with the Ritz-Carlton and the Marriott at Key Center to offer top-grade hotel rooms to visitors. Visitors can also enjoy fine dining and become members of the VIP ClubJack experience.

Hollywood Casino Toledo

Hollywood Casino Toledo was opened in May 2012, with its sister casino being opened later that year in Columbus. However, the casino in Toledo operates on a more massive casino floor, and it offers a significantly larger number of games. Visitors can try out their luck on more than 2,000 slot machines, 60 table games, and 20 poker table games.

The Hollywood Casino franchises have been attempting to open a casino in each major city in Ohio since the 1990s, but land-based casinos were not legalized since 2009. Luckily, players can now enjoy the full experience at the Hollywood Casino Toledo.

Final Thoughts

Ohio residents have a vast selection of options when it comes to gambling. There are many land-based casinos where residents and visitors can try out their luck. No matter if players are interested in slots, table games such as poker and blackjack, or video poker, they can find their favorite games almost anywhere. In regard to online casinos, players are free to join any offshore casino site without the fear of being prosecuted by the authorities. However, all gambling activities are done on your own responsibility. Don’t steer away from protected and secure online casino sites and remember to gamble responsibly. Good luck!


When it comes to online gambling in Ohio, players can choose to play DFS games legally or opt for offshore casino sites.

The minimum gambling age for casinos is 21. However, if you’re interested in horse racing, keno, or state lottery, you need to be at least 18 years old. Bingo enthusiasts need to be 16 years old to participate in bingo games.

Yes, they are. Players are free to bet on DFS.

Currently, there are no laws in Ohio that prohibit offshore casinos. We recommend that players stick to regulated casino sites that guarantee safe and secure gambling environments.

Ohio residents over 21 years are free to visit any of the 10+ land-based casinos in the state. Some casinos operate both electronic machines and table games, while others focus only on electronic games.