Jury rules against Caesars Palace and Griffin Investigations


The James Grosjean and Michael Russo case against Caesars Palace and Griffin Investigations is done, and the jury ruled in favor of Grosjean and Russo, awarding $100,000 in actual damages. Caesars chose to settle with the plaintiffs before the punitive damage portion of the jury deliberations, but Griffin did not. The jury awarded an additional $25,000 to the plaintiffs from defendant Griffin for punitive damages.

For those unfamiliar with the case, Grosjean and Russo were legally hole-carding at the game of three card poker, and were detained by Caesars and accused of card-bending, based on their listings in Griffin Investigations subscription-based service for casinos. Griffin was found by the jury to have been guilty of libel and defamation for having listed the two as cheats with no evidence.

A Las Vegas Review Journal article about the case can be found here:
Archived article

3 comments on "Jury rules against Caesars Palace and Griffin Investigations"

  • Ploppy Mcplopperson said:

    I was put on a data base for advantage players recently I believe it is called Oregon state surveillance or something along that line. It is a national data base. Does anyone know if you can do anything about that? Any thoughts out there? Thanks

    • Author Ken Smith replied:

      Probably not much to be done. These databases are pretty much one-way. In my experience, once you’re listed, you’re listed. The good news is that virtually every pro I know has made a lot more money in the years after they were in Griffin than before. It’s not as fatal as it sounds.

    • Anonymous replied:

      Was flagged at the Borgata almost ten years ago & then Caesars. To this day I have played in most major venues & have not been escorted out. Although there are “lists” all over the country, some casinos are not as “tight” as others. Perfect example would be the Tribal casinos in CT. I spent 9 months in one of them going through the paces & took them for 250K. On top of that their comps at the time were great. I knew there were times when I was being run down, so I just took it easy. Aside from the discipline of tracking, you should always consider unit betting which will help disguise your edge.

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