A New Design, and a New Knowledge Base


For the last few months, I have been busily working on the new design at BlackjackInfo. And finally, it’s ready to go, so you are looking at the result.

The biggest enhancement is that the site now adapts to whatever device you are viewing on, so check it out on your tablet or mobile phone, including landscape and portrait mode.

All of the site’s most popular features are still here, including the Strategy Engine, and a complete rewrite of the Blackjack Rules explanation.

The New Knowledge Base

The message board archives have been completely redesigned, transforming them into our new Knowledge Base area. The design puts the posts themselves front and center, by removing all the distractions of the old message board interface.

More importantly, I spent a huge amount of time cleaning up the links that users had posted. Many useful blackjack links shared over the years are unfortunately now dead. However, in thousands of those cases, I was able to link to archive.org’s copy of the page instead. So you’ll see the formerly dead link now pointing to an archived copy instead! And where I couldn’t rescue the content, the link is noted as a dead link, so you won’t waste time clicking to a non-existent site.

The archive of messages from CardCounter.com has also been revived and reformatted, and the posts now appear in the Knowledge Base in an easily accessible form. (See Blackjack – CC Archives.)

A Polished Version of Our Blackjack School

The card-counting instruction series at the GameMaster’s Blackjack School has been given a fresh look, with new graphics in place of the originals. And like the other areas, it is now mobile-friendly.

All SSL, All the Time

I also switched the site over to run as ‘https://’ for the entire site. Now the entire site uses SSL, encrypting your entire session with BlackjackInfo. If you don’t want nosy network administrators looking at which pages you visit on BJI, you are now completely safe.

Smart Printing

If you print any of our articles, you will have a nice surprise compared to most websites. If you print an article, the layout adapts for printing, leaving out all the navigation and sidebars. You’ll get only the important parts on paper.

More Relevant Search Results

Looking for something? Try the search form at the top of the sidebar on the right. I’m still enhancing the relevance software, but it’s already very good.

So, What Do You Think?

Take a look around, and let me know what you think. With the launch of any new version, there are bound to be things that I overlooked. Just post a reply with any questions or concerns.


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Mark Wheeler
The Strategy engine free game is working again. No more recommended casinos pop-up. Thanks, I was beginning to have withdrawal symptoms. Wheelmarks
Ken Adams

Great site for practicing “best odds plays” for all situations. However, there seems to be a flaw in the Strategy Coach. I played 6-deck, H17, Late Surrender. Contrary to the correct recommendations on the Strategy Engine, the Coach kept telling me to surrender when I faced a dealer Ace when I had hard counts of 12, 13, and 14.

Buster Side


Just so I’m clear, how would I go about posting on your forum in order to find some London based players to meet?


RanDom Primes

Thanks for all your work on the websites and your comments in general. I’m interested in buying your e-books on Winning BJ tournaments, but I can’t find them anywhere on your sites? Can you give me some guidance?


Sorry to lose the index of users under the member list header.


No entries since mine of 1/19/15! Did I kill the blog?


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You combined BJINFO and CC.com into a single base … curious to know who the biggest contributors are 🙂


I would say load time and universal SSL would be the main factors.
How did you convert to knowledge base? gConverter? bbPress?


Kudos on the responsive design and the conversion of the old forums into the largest BJ knowledge-base on the planet.

What is the new CMS, WP?, Drupal??

Curious to know if so far you’ve noticed any SEO improvement by making the entire site SSL?


Absolutely brilliant. So very cool. It’s bookmarked

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