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  • Quote: “So, here’s the betting schedule I worked out for a $3000 bankroll. Bear in mind that as the bankroll increases (or decreases), the schedule must be changed in order to keep the risk of ‘gambler’s ruin’ about the same. I will modify the schedule at $1000 increments; that is, if I win $1000, I’ll refigure the betting schedule by remultiplying all the percentages by $4000. On the other hand, if I choose to spend my profits, I’ll just continue to operate with the original schedule. In the unlikely event that I hit a big losing streak (how’s that for positive thinking?) I really couldn’t downsize the bets very much. As long as the bank remains above $2000, I’ll stick with this schedule. If it should go below $2000, I’d quit until I could build the bank up again.”

    The realities of this confuse me. Bankrolling 3000 but only exposing 1000 in reality, does strange things to my mind when calculating willful bets, unless this is blatantly stated to be “And then I will go elsewhere and re-win myself to 3000 using my remaining bankroll”

    Am I correct in assuming this is the modus operandi?

  • I bid him and his family the best. In just a few weeks he (and you by extension and also direct insights as well, carrying on his information to late-comers like myself) brought me from thinking “This seems statistically calculable” (as well as ouch, my spending money!) to “Should I stop at double stake tonight or not”

    Thank you Bill, and thank you Ken.

  • Just got back from Ceasers Palance. Tested my suspicions again.

    1) New Deck
    2) Deck Spread out
    3) Deck placed in shoe and never shuffled in front of me
    4) EMPTY TABLE – I was the only player at the table

    IMMEDIATLY LOST 7 HANDS IN A ROW STRAIGHT !!!! Per this website – odds of this are 1.1% or 1 in 90 !!!!!

    My suspicion has again been confirmed. However I have NO EVIDENCE other than circumstance. So I need to know if anyone else has experienced this.

    I’m wondering if the casinos are setting up the new decks in a mathmatically predetermined way which give the dealer an edge if they are not shuffled good enough.

    Anyone comment on this? I don’t want to hear oh your an idiot. ALLOT of math research goes into Casinos and they have BILLIONS at thier disposal – basically infinate money to see if there is a way to get a new deck in a preset way that mathmatically give them a huge edge.

    IF you have the time and money to test this – give it a try on 5 sessions and see if 3-4 lose money. AGAIN this is how you do it:

    1) Empty Table – Table must be EMPTY
    2) Cards spread out on table
    3) New Deck (if the cards are spread out on the table it means IT IS A NEW DECK)

    Follow these steps as an experiment (if you have the time, money and are interested) and record your results. Most of you probably won’t do this but if I’m wrong – you have no reason not to.

    I am suspicious because the odds of this happening WITH the same environmental variables I just listed must be very, very low.

    I am wondering, if the casinos are engaged in a legal conspiracy to “legally defruad” players based on the above.

    If I’m the only one – fine. However I’ve been talking to other people and they have noticed the same thing.

    Again – I’m not willing to say anything for sure – at this point is an ongoing experiment. I’m going to go to other casinos and try this AGAIN and record my results under the same conditions.

  • The trainer just bugged on me. I just split tens for the second time and received a 7 on my first one and a A on my second one and now it’s not letting me stand. It’s only letting me double SO NOW i HAVE to double my soft 21 or close the game 🙁

  • And when the player takes a non-bust card, the odds of the dealer getting a bust card go up. It all evens out in the end. If this does not make sense to you, I suggest taking a course in probability and statistics so that you might gain a better understanding of how games of random chance work.

  • Donald Carroll said:
    (Posted to: 6 to 5 Blackjack? Just Say No!)

    I wish my dum as wouldve ask and learn alil more about the game before wasting 3,000 up there cause how u bet against the dealer hand and lose then somebody elae step in and win all kinda ways…

  • El Cortez still does single-deck 3:2 DA split 4x, no DAS and no resplit aces (ouch, but only hurt me one time). Just play a good cover game and banter. People talk about being run down there like dogs and refer to it as The Sweaty Spaniard, but I went out 200 up and 300 up on consecutive days with ABSOLUTELY WILD spreads (I mean, red chipping until making 75 or 150 drops) and because every now and then I split 10s like a lunatic, I never got anything more than a “Good luck! :D” from the dealer or pitbulls. I even brought a Basic Strategy sheet on full 8.5×11 which not only helps me with my play (counting for me is far easier than memorizing BStrat) but also helps my cover. Swallow the pride, show some emotion and there’s money to be made, by my reckoning.

    I am genuinely new to all of this however, so my words may be taken with not a grain of, but an entire salt mine.