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  • Love the strategy trainer, but recently I’ve been experiencing a few bugs during play. Sometimes when I split aces I only receive one card on the first ace and no card on the second ace. Sometimes insurance is not offered on a dealer’s ace. Sometimes I’m not able to double. I’m selecting the same rules every time (2d, H17, das, ns, insurance offered). Just wondering if anyone else is getting errors such as these. Thanks.

  • Hey so I love this blackjack school. One complaint I have about it is that if I want to review a specific lesson, I have to cycle through each lesson and keep clicking next. It’s honestly a bit of a pain. Maybe because I am viewing your website through an iPhone. But unless you already have it and I just overlooked it, I’d find it so much easier if there was a table of contents with direct links to each page so I wouldn’t have to cycle through each one. The material is great on here and I am using it very often to develop my skills! Thanks!

  • So I have a question about betting. I am still very new to blackjack in general, but I’m interested in using the methods taught through this course to make some winnings. I’ve been watching videos and one I can recall from Howcast, explains different methods of betting. One method used was progressive, where you’d bet $100 and win, then next you bet $200, then $300, and so on. You lose a bet and as long as you have caught a pretty good winning streak, you still have some winnings. Just everytime you loser you go back to your minimum bet. I’ve been practicing that method myself at home a Little more conservatively. I’ll bet $10, then $15, then $20, then $30. I never double my bet but I increase it by about 50-75% roughly until I lose then drop back to $10. I’ll keep doing this with no maximum, even if I get to betting $1000’s at a time (almost never get that far) but is that still a red flag to casinos? It’s not like I’m going from a $10 bet to $500, I just gradually increase it as I’m riding a winning streak. And when my streak ends and I lose a “big” bet, I still come out ahead. Let me know if this is a good or bad idea to do in real casinos and why. Thank you.

  • Hi ken I’m playing in a casino where the rule are:
    6 decks, h17, double any two cards, double after split, surrender allowed.
    And: the casino have 2 jokers inside the 6 decks, and if in your hand, you have a joker, you win immediately, and the hand end.
    I think with this I have pretty great advantage to my side, don’t you think.

  • Just to update the thread. Golden Nugget in the Rush Lounge had several $15 minimum 3:2 blackjack tables. Unfortunately almost every other blackjack game I have seen in Vegas is 6:5 🙁

  • hi i am A new player trying to make IT as A career. my base is located in macau & korea. i have A Q for you. does peek / none peek makes any difference? i understand that macau & korea is playing different style korea allow dealers to peek

  • Palace Station has many 6-5 tables now and the 3:2 tables are sometimes full. So I played their 6:5 game for the first time with the tie side bet (half of main bet, pays 10:1 on push). Unless my math is horrible, one should actually double on blackjack for some dealer up cards (if not all?). So using your math, with a dealer up card of 5, the $50 pay out on a tie 7% of the time would add $3.50 to the $6.82. If you take the 6:5 blackjack you only get $7 because you lose the tie side bet ($12-$5). Then the question becomes, Bet $15 to win $7 or double down to bet $25 to win $10.32 with a 5 up card? How does it work out for the other up cards? The tie side bet actually lowers the house edge on a regular 3:2 game but obviously you don’t double blackjack on 3:2 even with the side bet. But I’m curious if the tie side bet substantially lowers the house edge on a 6:5 game if you double some blackjacks?

  • Beachcomber Dan said:
    (Posted to: Blackjack Strategy Trainer)

    I too find the white border glaring and gives me a headache. Needs to be toned down or different color softer on the eyes. Your trainer is the best out there that I have been using these past 30 years. I don’t count cards with these 6 deck shoes but have your charts memorized that help with the odds. It amazes me to see soo many players play by the seat of their pants having not a clue what they are doing.

  • I have basic strategy down ok. couple quick questions – Is it always best to play one spot? Do i always hit my 12 against the dealers 2 up-card and the dealers 3 up-card? Do i hit my soft 17 all the time? When do I hit soft 18? When do I double my soft 17 against dealer –

  • If you play at a hand shuffled table the shuffle is not random! It is repetitive where card clumps occur. This is documented in studies by “first base blackjack.”
    It occurs in two deck games and up. I have played games in Vegas when the dealer,s tell card or up card is 10 card 70 percent of a shoe. Don’t wait to be asked to leave just leave or your money will. The player at third base better play a strategy to win his hand. Third base is not there to save the table. Stastically, no one impacts the next cards except the schuffler. Casinos have the edge and continue to do so thru schuffle techniques and they are reliant on the player who refuses to leave. Remember, the dealer bust but still wins when the player bust because he takes your money and cards first. The dealer bust 28 percent of the time. Play in sessions of one hour or less. Less if you lose four hands in a row. Every dealer schuffles and deals per management guidelines. Go downtown and get away from the strip as it is easier to bump into a good game if you don’t recognize it on the strip. Dealers cheat players by not paying a player the correct amount. I had a dealer paid me $30 on a $10 bet with the 25 under the 5. Why, I have no clue! Ain’t it fascinating. Playing blackjack involves skills beyond card counting and basic strategy! Money management and being a keen observer is essential. Be likable and courteous, it may pay off, who knows. Good luck, and remember it always runs out but you can leave before it does. Time to leave!