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  • I haven’t played the trainer in some time, but a few days ago I decided to sharpen up a little. I noticed the trainer looked different and saw that it
    had been updated. Okay so far, then when I hit a blackjack with $5.00 bet I noticed that the payoff was not correct for a 3:2 game. I then did
    some experiments and found that with an odd amount bet like $5.00, $15.00, $25.00 etc, it was rounding the payoff up to the next dollar.
    Betting $10.00, $20.00, $30.00 pays correctly. I know “Picky, Picky” for a trainer, but I am that way.

  • Does anybody know a casino in vegas which offers early surrender?
    Did you try to irritate the dealer by saying “Surrender” after he has dealt and did it work as “Eary surrender”?
    In Czech Republik in Europe there is surrender allowed but only against a dealers 10

  • George said:
    (Posted to: About Ken Smith)

    I am running a fund-raising Blackjack Tournament for the benefit of kids. Can you supply volume pricing? I am looking to buy 50 basic strategy cards.
    Thank you

  • So I’ve been working on learning the basic strategy for all possible rule combinations I can think of that I may encounter in the US. I made flash cards for BS pertaining to the following:
    4 Decks, DAS, S17
    4 decks, DAS, H17
    (Same as both above, no DAS)
    (All above rule variations with 2 decks and 1 deck)
    I hope that makes sense, I was just feeling lazy and didn’t want to type out 12 variations. Just basically any combo with 1,2, or 4 decks, with and without DAS, and both S17 and H17. Also with surrender as an option with my cards explaining what to do if it’s not. I didn’t notice much change in surrender vs no surrender. My question is, is it necessary to learn all these combinations? Because I plan on going to both single and multi deck games eventually. I just don’t know what rule variations exist and which ones don’t. Also, am I neglecting any factors that may be valuable to me?

    Thank you

  • Fantastic resource Ken, congratulations! I’d like to buy you and the gamesmaster a drink!

    Learning these deviations from basic strategy begs the question; Was basic strategy created using a zero T.count?

    basic strategy = 16 vs dealer’s 10 = hit
    0 count deviation = 16 vs dealer’s 10 = stand

    I must induce that it wasn’t.

    • Deal yourself a 16 and the dealer a ten. Count what’s on the table. You will end up with a slightly negative count. That’s the difference. So you are correct in noting that basic strategy is not the same as the strategy when the true count is zero. Basic strategy takes into account the cards used in the hand you are considering, as it should. Counters have more information available; the count before the hand began.

  • I play 6 deck. I use 20 units on a table at once (1 table amount). You should have 20 table amounts to make a bank roll. When flat betting only use 1 unit. You should have a minimum of 1 to 6 chip spread. Play your game like a computer and only reflect after 10 casino sessions. You may be in a normal pull back that is associated with only 1%-2% advantage. Hang in there my friend!!!

  • now it is too much of rules, what are the best, most optimal rule to win, and where can I find them, what casino etc, what kind of rules avoid such late surrender or insurance for example, thx for answer. I know that my question may be silly, but I am looking for simple methods to win, the casino give us a lot of possibilities and it confuses. The worst blackjack rule give more opportunities than other games. Which rules are best? Winning balance always goes the line of sinusoid

  • Yeah I experience it the other way around. I haven’t gotten a chance to try it in a real casino yet, but I always struggle on my app whereas whenever I play at home I’m usually pretty successful.

  • No, you are likely being confused by the way it pays the bet and then rebets the same amount. If you aren’t watching the entire sequence, it seems like the wrong amount is won. If you’ll check your balance before and after the hand, you’ll see that it works correctly.