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  • I have enjoyed your Blackjack Trainer and I have learned enough to say it has helped me become a better player.You probably already know this, but as good as the Trainer is, it has a few fawls. Such as when a high card appears just about every time like clockwork it equals 20. Also, I know it’s just a game, but there are many repetitious scenarios that happen. This makes the Trainer seem to have somewhat unrealistic outcomes. I have been playing for sometime and I am not a kid and not a pro, but I can see the Trainer has certain outcomes that are not true to life. I would like your game even more if you just made it a little better.

  • I forgot to mention I have noticed on a second hit it sends two cards not one, The game also freezes up and at times gets really slow after so many hands.

  • Phil Calbi said:
    (Posted to: 6 to 5 Blackjack? Just Say No!)

    Just came back from MGM Grand. Now blackjack at multi deck games with a show is paying only 6:5. Onl games with $50 or higher minimum pays 3:2.

  • Stanford Wong is and will always be one of the greatest advantage players of all time. I’ve invested so much money in his books. But the information that I have learned is worth way more than the money I’ve spent. I can’t wait until I’m old enough to step foot in a casino

  • IF you have BS down 100% and are proficient counting cards for Double Deck, how much money should you take for a session if your min bet is $25 and your max is $50? And how long should you expect to play for the game to become profitable? Biloxi has a Double Deck that stands on a soft 17 and pays 3-2.

    • If you plan to play for a couple of hours at $25 to $50 bets, a session bankroll of around $800 will give you enough to weather all but maybe 5% of your sessions. However, please be aware that a spread of $25 to $50 is insufficient to beat the game, even the favorable two deck rules in Biloxi. It’s probably close to a break-even spread. To have a reasonable positive expectation, you likely need at least a $25 to $100 spread. That will also increase the required session bank, to over $1000.

        • A 1 to 4 spread is normally still low for a 2-deck game, but your game has good rules. This should be profitable. To be sure, time your restroom breaks for the really bad counts. The only way to know the actual numbers would be to simulate it using CVData or CVCX software. But it sounds reasonable to me.

      • Thank you. I can increase my session bankroll to $2,000. Will this provide a positive expectation? It may take me two months to increase my bankroll so during that time I will continue using your training game to practice the correct strategy. I appreciate your reply and your website.

  • Hey Ken I had to go from a android to a iPhone7 plus.
    Any way I can transfer my advanced strategie over to other phone with out having to make another purchase.

  • Would help if you re study your money management. $!0,000.00 Bankroll would be a min. bet of table allowed min to a Max of 2% of bankroll or $200.00 I am speaking og your playing bankroll not how much money you have in the bank. If you only have $10,000.00 in the bank total to live on, stay home and pay your bills. $25 to $200 gives you a 8-1 spread not great but playable. $10 to $200 gives you a 20-1 spread very good but be carefuk not to get caught with the large bet difference.