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  • I have a $300,000.00 line so what betting schedule should I use. I always play st same casino offer two deck game can split four times and stay on soft 17. I have won
    and lost hundred of thousands so they know my game. I can nurse alcohol keep my wits act drunk. I want high stakes.
    What is your advice

  • I am new to this Blackjack world, but have played around the world. Right now I live in Germany so I have many casinos in many countries to play. I for some lucky reason win 99% of the time and have never gone home a loser. The casinos in Europe they use the same basic rules though they are smaller compared to U.S. casinos there is a much higher standard of customer requirements such as dress codes. Reminds me of the old days when people dressed up or like a James Bond movie, really cool to see. Anyway I use a couple of trainer games and you must keep in mind these are just helpful games and anyone who thinks they can remember every rule or option to play should remember rules are meant to be broken and are not always correct. Use them as a simple guide not an almighty answer to walking out a winner. Many times I have gone against the recommendations of the game trainer and have won and if I would have followed the advice of the trainer I would have lost. Point being don’t always follow the rule book. So far this trainer game is as close to the real action as it gets, but like others have pointed out it has flaws that are not realistic. The house has the same rights to win as the player does. Go with your gut feelings and know when to walk away. I use these game trainers for basic learning and just to enjoyment. Good luck to all

  • george v. hillstead said:
    (Posted to: Blackjack Strategy Trainer)

    Hi i have just started playing blackjack and i am doing fair your basic strategy game is a wonder. my question is at the casino all the games have a side bet are these side bets worth playing

  • Adam Michelsen said:
    (Posted to: Lesson 4 - Card Counting - How to Do It)

    I have tried the single deck card count at Harrah’s casino in South Carolin, and thanks to you, I won $500 in 3 hours!
    I just got out of college, and I am going to Harrahs casino, in June! The way I count cards is: there are 16 cards that equal 10, in a normal deck of cards! So, that gives you around 32 percent chance, I think, of the card that is being dealt is a ten!
    Anyway, that is my way of counting cards! It is not as fancy as y’all’s, however, it work for me!

  • Just FYI. Three or four of the three-card combinations in the Basic Strategy Decision Exercise above are not possible scenarios. That is, sometimes the first two cards (or any two of the three shown) would dictate a double, preventing three cards from ever being dealt to your hand.

    • Correction: When you double, of course you will end up with three cards. What I meant to say was that when you have two cards and double down, you will never be presented with another decision question. Your third card will be your final card, and there is no decision to make. No “decision exercise.”

  • Thank you for providing such a nice training game, it is very informative and a valuable training tool.
    I do find the screen difficult to see as the contrast seems to be on the weak side. Other than that one minor issue your game is excellent.

  • You also didn’t factor in the 3/2 payoff on a blackjack that can be the streak ender. If you bet, say $640 after your 6th loss in a row and hit a blackjack, you make $330, not $10. Also, since double-downs and most splits are in your favor, while you certainly need a much bigger bankroll for the possibility that you’ll get deal an 11 when the dealer has a 6, those hands also put the odds in your favor when you have the most money on the table.

  • You have a 1/20 prob. of being dealt a blackjack w only a 1/25 chance (assuming 8-deck shoe) of having your blackjack pushed. Suppose you are playing a 13 loss Martingale, then that means you will have 200 strings that end with you getting a blackjack and making $10 plus your bet on the string. Simply counting $10 profit on every string ending in a loss and multiplying by the number of times you can expect to win and then subtracting by the total lost win you do run through the string is incorrect. Perhaps, you can figure the math using martingale relative to expected losses while figuring in the mathematics of a 3/2 payoff on the probability of each length string ended by a blackjack?

  • Finally a rational voice…All true…6 5 is a great game to practice counting with low limit bets…One important thing not mentioned…When the count goes hot, which casinos order dealers to shuffle up the second run of cards at a full table…THAT can change everything!!!