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  • Hey Ken,
    I asked a couple questions about progressive betting and navigation of the blackjack school. And I want to thank you for the responses. I just came up with another question. So on this matrix a Hard16 vs 10 says to hit. So why is it when I plug the same game in to the engine, and turn on the option to surrender, the engine says to surrender on 10, but if that’s not an option, to stand(RS)?

  • Willy Wonka said:
    (Posted to: Card Counting)

    Hi 🙂 I’m 19 and a French-Canadian so sorry for any grammar mistakes and weird sentences formulation 😛

    I had just started to count card in the nearest casino from my house, and last time I could not play at my usual table because they were to many people who were playing really slowly (and really badly, but it’s not my problem), so I move my ass to an other table. That second table was a Free Bet Black Jack table. I have look up on the internet for some basic strategy charts with indexes, but none of them have the same rule has the one that I was playing. I know that it won’t make a big of a difference, but still.

    So my question is : Can you tell my were to look to find the information that I want, which is a basic strategy charts for Free Bet table with full indexes?

    Rules : BlackJack pays 3:2, 8 decks, Dealer hit Soft 17, Split to 4 hands, Double down after split allow (except after split of As’), No surrender, Split of As’ allow but only one time and one and only one card is given, No CSM, Free Bet on Hard 9,10,11 and any pair except pair of 10’s, Dealer Push on 22, Dealer BlackJack Push player BlackJack.

    Tell me if you need any more information.

  • This new version has bugs. It will not allow you to “play out” a split hand. Playing 6D, H17, LS. Once you split and hit/stand on first split hand, the program goes to the dealer to play out the hand before the player has a chance to play out his second hand

  • george v. hillstead said:
    (Posted to: Blackjack Strategy Trainer)

    george here again
    on your new version chart with some hands to do double or stand how to decide which way to go on these hands
    like on a-8 if i double i am wrong your chart says either d or s
    still like playing have knot won big but have not lost any sense using basic stragity

  • Love the strategy trainer, but recently I’ve been experiencing a few bugs during play. Sometimes when I split aces I only receive one card on the first ace and no card on the second ace. Sometimes insurance is not offered on a dealer’s ace. Sometimes I’m not able to double. I’m selecting the same rules every time (2d, H17, das, ns, insurance offered). Just wondering if anyone else is getting errors such as these. Thanks.

  • Hey so I love this blackjack school. One complaint I have about it is that if I want to review a specific lesson, I have to cycle through each lesson and keep clicking next. It’s honestly a bit of a pain. Maybe because I am viewing your website through an iPhone. But unless you already have it and I just overlooked it, I’d find it so much easier if there was a table of contents with direct links to each page so I wouldn’t have to cycle through each one. The material is great on here and I am using it very often to develop my skills! Thanks!

  • Many players use progressive betting systems, and since the bet increases do not happen in conjunction with an increased count, the casino won’t care a bit. Of course remember that if they don’t care, it’s a good sign the strategy is a losing one, and progressive betting is just that.