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  • I don’t understand why people go through such clumsy and hectic mathematics and software when it comes to gambling. For me gambling is just a fun where you want to win but not earn knowing the expected loss you are willing to bear. It is sophisticated math when we talk about probability. When something is uncertain just enjoy the uncertainty. DOn’t bother with it anymore.

  • Hands played: 9,685 + 2,820
    Just going to wong out this shoe at a TC of -4. I should have wonged out last shoe too. It was pretty negative without much hope of coming back but I was too stubborn to post a comment and then reload the trainer.

  • It has been a wonderful experience keeping log of my adventure here but i’m going to start keeping track of my play on excel now. I’m getting ready to hit the tables.

  • small potatoes said:
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    I agree, I’ve found playing short rounds, betting to make up for losses and stopping after the winning streak of that session leaves me ahead every time and usual with a small decent haul of sometimes 200 to 300 dollars over the course of an hour. If i had 10’s of thousands of dollars to blow could see that small haul exponentially being impressive, but in reality with a small gambling egg and playing perfectly with all the tiny bonuses in your favor your winnings are equivalent to an hourly mediocre job through the course of a day. The biggest rule I feel that doesn’t work and I ignore but statistically has the law of probability in its favor is holding on 12 to 16 hoping the dealer breaks. Mathematically its theory is probably good on paper but in reality the dealer mostly always comes out ahead.

  • so it takes overall about 20,000 hands to have any sort of data that is relatively average of what your mathematical expectation should be if you were to card count with an advantage. so I played 1 shoe and lost -1100. I flat betted 100%. I won 14 hands and lost 33. my winning % was 28 which is below average expectation. I as well lost my double downs so that is why I was down so much money just on a short sample

  • this data is actually not garbage and important data and I will tell you why. blackjack is a negative expectation game. you are going to lose money in the long run. the only edge one can have is counting cards. even then edge is maybe 1-2% overall and the play differs from basic strategy. so therefore one will make no money flat betting period unless they just happen to win more hands then they lose and they as well win double downs. it could go just as much the other direction and basically will be

  • trial 4 -$762.5. which is totally reasonable. my highest bet was 150. I lost most of my bigger bets. I lost the most double downs I had lost so far. I as well only had a win %37. which would mean no matter what I would have lost money on any sort of betting.

  • trial 3 $462.5 profit biggest bet was 125. won 21 lost 20 played 48hands. lost most of my double downs. had 43% accuracy. I never went back to base and was down over 2-300 at a time