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  • Card counting can get very advanced, especially when you start to side count the aces. But just by following basic blackjack strategy and adding the simple techniques of counting cards you can bring your advantage way up.

  • This is what Harrah’s New Orleans did to me and they will do the same to you as well…
    My name is Louis Smith and I live about 100 mile north of New Orleans, in a city called Hattiesburg, MS. I’m a PLATINUM Card Holder and my brother is a GOLD card Holder. We both booked a room on Harrash’s New Orleans for a Sat night stary in July 2008 using both of you players cards. If I were to use just my Platinum card I would have paid $129 for the room and by using a guest players card the room would be comp at no cost. My brother and I book a room using both of you players cards two week before arriveing into New Orleans. Harrah’s even emailed me comfermations the the room reservation would be comp at no cost.

    Well, when my brother and I arrived by train Sat morning we check into the room at the front desk and later got a phone call from VIP services. A Harrah’s Guest Service Agent told me that all of my Room Reservation that were book using my brothers players card would be cancel. I told the Agent to the reservation was booked online and there was a place to add another guest and their players card and the room rate charnged. She tried to make like my brother did even come with me. What a bunch of crack heads. My broher is in the same room with me and sign into the room with me. They went as far as getting the front desk to check our bags in our room. Which is really against the law. Okay, they cancel all my reservation that I make though Dec and plus charged my visa $115 deposit on some of the room reservations.

    When I got back to Hattiesburg I call Jim the GM of Harrahs Casino in New Orleans and told him to check into it. He is rude to me on the phone and said that I should go back to Mississippi and play at the Grand Casino. He also told me that I’ve already used up all my comp for New Orleans. So why did the online Reservations let me book with using my brother as a guest. If they dont want people to add another guest then they should take that feature off their website.

    The GM at the Harrahs Casino in New Orleans was a Jerk and would do nothing to help me. He even told me that the Slot Tournment that was book months ago would even be taken away from me. Now, that takes the cake. These people DO NOT give a cracks ass about their guest. I’ve alway gave high raves on this casino but not anymore after being treated like I’m a dirt under their feet. I’ve spent lot of money at this casino and have never win one red cent!!! I will never spend another dime at this casino and will find another casino that will treat me better.

    Beware of Harrah’s Entertainment they are not all they are cracked up to be!!!!

  • I am scheduled for a hearing with Mississippi Gaming where because Island View in a 3 card poker tournament wild card for the finals did not check the ID for the one who claimed to be the person called. A participant even noticed the person looked suspicious and told the tournament director to check the ID but was ignored. After the wild card person wins 2nd place he admits he is not the person called and the real wild card person was standing behind the player during the finals and admits he is the person. Obviously the person was disqualified but the tournament manager has no clue on what to do and asks the other 6 players. I told him we should replay the finals with the correct players. His response was “I am not going to let adamantlyperson does not

  • Actually rob, ALL the entry fee money is paid out in prize money and the casinos sometimes add their own money into the pot. I think this is probably how the Grand tourneys are as they based them on our old tourney from Ballys.

    The host these tourneys with the thought that their gaming revenue on the slots and tables will increase with the influx of tournament players that come to their properties. Some of the tournament players do not make a single bet during their stay. So, when you add in gift, meals, rooms, food for tournament players there is potential that the host casino could take a big bath on the whole deal.

    You and WRX above need to get some of the paranoia out of your heads that the casinos are crooks and cheats and are out to “get you”. They have a built in edge (outside of tournaments) and just want the games to be run within guidelines. When mistakes are made they try to rectify them as best they can without “hurting” either the house or the players. Obviuosly some situations are handled better than others. It is not always easy to make the very best decision when it has to be made very quickly and of coarse some of the employees are more experienced and/or sharper than others.

    Of coarse the players ALWAYS subscribe to “you should pay the table” every time a mistake is made. That is just not going to happen. They try to come up with equitable decisions as best they can.

  • Whether WSOB will return for a fifth season is currently up in the air. Unlike previous years, no qualifying tournaments for 2008 have been announced so far. Frankly, it doesn’t look promising.

    GSN is now the home of the World Poker Tour on TV, and may be shifting their focus towards poker at the expense of blackjack. I hope not, but we’ll see.

    Meanwhile, if any information becomes available about how to qualify for future WSOB events, it will be widely discussed over at my tournament site

  • How does on get invited to WSOB?? Also the one deck at Ceasers AC has been terrific,,,,,,,,,,,,u can overcome the odds,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Jan

  • Hi. I really enjoy playing Blackjack (a real light wieght, though – small bankroll, $10-15.00 minimum tables) I watched the UBT today and enjoyed the play except for the disrespectful antics of “Hollywood Dave.” I know his obnoxious behavior is intended to rattle the other players (I applaude Erlinda for telling him to shut up in today’s match, and congrats to her for winning!) My guess is that they allow this behavior because some folks who may not watch otherwise, might tune in to see what he’ll do next. I don’t think this should be permitted due to the distraction it creates for other players and the total disrespect he displays toward other players. Also, I thought there was a 10 second window for the players to act on their hand. It appeared that with at least one hand he started his show and took a long time to get around to playing his hand. He should have forfeited the hand! In fact, in my opinion, as soon as he begins his craziness he should be told to sit down, shut up and respect the other players or be told to leave!

  • Hi Ken: Sorry to hear about your Tunica episode. Commend you for calling the Gaming Board. Would like to share my experience at LV Hilton. As you know the Chips I won at the Hilton BJ tournament were originally given with the understanding ( got a letter in Supoport of it) that they could be played until lost. However, they changed the rules — that after march 2007, they be good only for one time usage– i.e. they would take the chip after payment even if you win. I was never notified of this, so I appealed to the Nevada Gaming Board and rule in my favour. I have been give until September 15 to use up my chips.
    Another New development today– I have been stopped from entering the 100K pai Gow, even sfter I won the entry by palying the tables. I have am seeking the help of the Gaming Board again. More later

    with best wishes, surender

  • As Tim Rogge noted above, things used to be different in this market. He mentions the old crew, including “Mav”, actually two of them. Nick Mavromatis is now the Regional Director of Player Development foe Resorts and Ballys, and based at Resorts Tunica. Mike is at Fitzgeralds. And while these are some of the smaller properties in the market, the respect and courtesy you get from the staffs make them far more pleasurable than at any of the Harrah’s casinos. And, thankfully, Resorts has eliminated ALL 6-5 of the BJ games in their casino. Try a side trip there and tell Nick I sent you over.

  • your treatment only goes to show how stuipd some bean counters are. years ago friends and us went to the grand in Tunica ,”comped” weekend. i was playing black ,and after about 2 hours our first session the house told me they wanted him and me out. this was in 1998 and have NO DESIRE to EVER set foot in tunica again.