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  • Hi , thanks for this lessons.

    I have a question : which method is used in the Basic Strategy Variations Matrix( for counting 1 deck )? the hi/lo or the‘Hi-Opt 1′ ?
    it’s written that for counting one deck it’s better to use ‘Hi-Opt 1′ but i’m not sure on which of this 2 system is based the matrix that i have to learn

    Thanks Lorenzo

    • I believe those indexes are for Hi-Opt 1, and I am really surprised at how much they differ from Hi-Lo.
      This is another aspect of the GameMaster School that I did not closely audit when publishing.
      I definitely need to take a closer look at them and make sure they are good numbers for Hi-Opt I, and make that clear. Thanks!

  • Hello Again,

    I recently finished my first month of card counting adventures. With a spread of 1-20 betting units (rarely do I spread to 20), is winning 500 betting units in ~6 sessions or 30 hours an unreasonable win rate or am I on a super heater? There have been times where I have bet 20 units and lost 80 units from splits and dd. Also is this type of spread going to get me a lot of heat and get kicked out [yes it varies for each casino, whether it is low end or high end / but I just wanted to hear you guys opinion]

    Thanks Again

    • You’re blazing hot, and winning 500 units in 30 hours is way above expectation. 1-20 is aggressive, but that’s probably a good thing. Don’t camp out for extended sessions, but it’s a lot easier to beat multi-deck games with that kind of spread.

      • Thank you for your quick response, follow up question!

        With your experience, what do you think a general estimated 1-15 or 1-20 spread would make hourly in betting units? I’m playing a 8 deck with good penetration, H17, double down any card, split aces 4x, no surrender, yes insurance, 3:2 payout.


  • odds for 6 deck bj double bonus odds i get 9 – 1 on 3 card poker hands the second bonus bets only payout for straight flushes 180 – 1
    3 of a kind 90 – 1
    and 3 suited of a kind for 270 – 1
    how bad are these odds what are the true odds

  • Hello Again, I stumbled across this hand index recently (on a 8 deck shoe with good rules)

    when am I supposed to double down on a hard 12 against 5 and 6. I know it’ll probably get a lot of heat, but I just want the knowledge of being able to. On the ILL-18, rank 16/17 for 12 vs 15 at true count -2 and 12 vs 6 at true count -1, it says hit/stand. For this I am confused, if I am going to hit, shouldn’t I double it as I would never hit it again?

    • Absolutely not! Don’t double a busting hand, ever. The hit/stand index reflects the fact that sometimes in negative counts you should hit some of these stiff hands, because the dealer’s likelihood of busting has decreased to the point where hitting is better than standing stiff. But you’re always at a big disadvantage on these hands, so you would never put more money at risk by doubling.

  • Hi, I’m currently 20 years old in college learning how to count cards. Ive taught myself hi lo and advanced omega ii. Would you recommend me starting out on double deck or 6 deck shoes if I have yet to do this in a casino setting. Double deck with AOII is easier for me than hi lo with 6 shoes however I realize that the minimum bet is going to be higher in a double deck game. What do you think is easier for a beginner.

    • Double deck will be easier and far more profitable as well, as long as you can afford the bet limits. (This is assisted greatly by the fact that you will need a far lower bet spread in 2 decks!) However, I don’t recommend AOII right off the bat. Start with Hi-Lo, even at the double deck game. Only after at least a year of experience with Hi-Lo would I consider moving to a more complex count, and even then it may not be worth the extra effort and potential errors.

  • Hello again!

    A new question regarding Lucky Lucky. I tried searching it up and apparently the Lucky Lucky (LL) bet is a profitable game when card counting is taken into consideration (apparently 2 deck is best for it). If @Ken Smith or anyone knows if this is still profitable at a 8 deck game, at a true count of +2 or +3, would it be profitable to blast the LL side bet? If you are expecting a bunch of face cards to peel off, or blackjacks and the dealer has a 10, you can still win those bets fairly often. With this in mind, would blasting the LL sidebet be another profitable play to mitigate that you’re not doing some crazy spread? Any info or knowledge regarding this would be amazing!

    Futhermore, in a couple weeks I will be making a trip to Reno. From podcasts I’ve heard from Richard Munchkin, Reno is not exactly a great place to card count? I read these stories where green chippers spreading 5-1 getting backed off. Any tips or warnings from anyone? My original plan was to go red chipping $5 or $10 and spreading to $100-150. Bad plan for the Pepper Mill place at Reno?