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  • Tim Brown said:
    (Posted to: Lesson 1 - Basic Strategy)

    I do great playing bj against my phone app with proper modified rules as my casino But when I break out my six decks I lose 5 out of 6 fully dealt shoes! I shuffle them well but they seem to fall against me like the often do at the casino? At home I am following 100% Basic Strategy. Is their a logical explanation?

  • this sounds all great! i learnt the basics on my own and memorized a “cheat sheet” online in about 20 minutes (my brain is something else) and went to go play at the casino and won 400$ in about an hour and a half on 15$ bets (not including double downs etc) but i ended up leaving with what I came with because my emotions came into the way when I should’ve done certain moves in the previous hands. Definitely a lesson learned.

    My questions is, as the teachers and masters of this website. How successful have you been in the real world, or are you just teaching it? It seems like if you become a master at this game, you can make serious bank, not guaranteed of course, but well advanced than the regular winners.

  • Randy Newman said:
    (Posted to: About Ken Smith)


    First, let me say I really enjoy your site and the new look is great. I enjoy playing the practice games. And as a recreational player I have learned a great deal and it is paying off with trips that end up costing me nothing and sometimes letting me bring some money home also.

    Second, my question. I found a single deck game that allows you to double down on any first two cards but if you get a pair of A’s you can only split once and then you cannot double down on A’s after you split.
    YOU CAN double down on any other cards

    When I use your Strategy Engine the only options are Double After Split Allowed or No Double After Split.

    I have been using Double After Split Allowed since I have split and ended up with an 11 or some hand that strategy says to double down on.
    Is using Double After Split Allowed the correct choice to generate the best strategy?

    Randy Newman

  • Thanks very much for your reply.

    I am getting back to study and practice. Your lessons and exercises are very helpful, thanks for sharing all of this, because it makes us understand that it is not only people with a gift that can make it, but hard work and patience will pay off.

    I have one more question if you don’t mind, please :

    I read the French version of KO Blackjack. Do you agree with the fact that it is sufficient to keep the running count and not the true count to have the edge over the casino ?
    I think I will start that way because it’s simpler.

  • Hello and thank you for this great website.
    I play in France with 6 decks game and I am still in need for practise.

    Just in relation with the message that talked about doubling your bet after each loss : is it right to consider you have 43% chances to win every single hand before it is dealt ?

    In my mind, the chances of winning a hand depend on the true count just before that hand is dealt. Is it right to think so ? That is, when the true count is +2 for example you would have more chances to win a hand than when it is 0 ?

  • Probably you are right!
    I am no card counter and I am smart enough to follow the basic strategy and I have no courage for split and double down and etc
    Today, I played with 100$ for the very first time. I went to casino in the morning and there was no body in my table. after one hour I made 100$ profit.
    I still wonder how I made that money?!! maybe what you said is right. I was alone with one dealer and following basic strategy only