Online Blackjack Software

The software that powers online casino operators is a huge contributing factor towards what blackjack variations are available to play, customization options, house edge and overall experience.  In some cases, an online casino may use a combination of software vendors for the purposes of providing more variety for players.

We have created a table below to surmise the main differences in blackjack variations for each software provider.

Software Blackjack Variation BJ Pays Soft 17 Double Re-Split Aces Surrender House Edge Total Decks
Realtime GamingBlackjack1.5xHitAny 2NoNo0.54%6
Realtime GamingMatch Play 211.5xHitAny 2YesYes0.63%6
Realtime GamingPerfect Pairs Blackjack1.5xHitAny 2NoNo0.54%6
Realtime GamingPontoon2xHitAny 2YesYes0.65%2
Realtime GamingSuper 211xHitAny 2NoNo1.06%6
Realtime GamingSuit ‘Em Up Blackjack1.5xHitAny 2NoNo4.65%6
Realtime GamingEuropean Blackjack1.5xStand9 to 11NoNo0.75%6
Realtime GamingFace Up 211xHit9 to 11NoNo0.75%6
BodogBlackjack1.5xHitAny 2YesYes0.56%6
BodogSingle Deck Blackjack1.5xHitAny 2NoNo0.19%1
BodogEuropean Blackjack1.5xStand9 to 11NoNo0.66%6
BodogDouble Deck Blackjack1.5xStandAny 2NoNo0.20%2
BodogPerfect Pairs Blackjack1.5xHitAny 2NoNo0.58%6
BodogZappit Blackjack1.5xHitAny 2NoNo1.15%6
RivalBlackjack1.5xHitAny 2NoNo0.66%8
RivalMutli-hand Blackjack1.5xHit9 to 11NoNo0.9%8