Lucky Blackjack

Lucky Blackjack is almost more of a side bet than it is a Blackjack variant. In fact, this is a Blackjack variant that doesn’t require any strategy whatsoever because the player literally doesn’t make any decisions.lucky_blackjack

The way that the game works is that the player can bet on any total from 17-21, alternatively, the player can also bet on a Natural Blackjack coming out or a bust. The rules are extremely simple, cards will come out until the total is either greater than or equal to seventeen, or otherwise, the total is twenty-two (or more) which constitutes a bust. If the total is sixteen or less, then additional cards will be drawn until the total has reached at least seventeen,

Naturally, the player shall place his or her bet before any cards have come out, so the bet is not based on any information whatsoever. The player may bet on a final hand total of 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, Natural Blackjack or a Bust with different pays according to whatever the player has bet upon. Additionally, the player may choose to bet on multiple outcomes on the same hand.

The best case scenario for the player playing this game of no skill, pure luck and absolutely no decision making is a house edge of 3.36%, which also results in the fact that it could be fairly stated that this is not a Blackjack game as Blackjack would not have such a high house edge. In fact, a player can only enjoy a house edge that low by betting on eighteen, as all other bets have a house edge greater than that including the, ‘Bust,’ bet with a house edge of an alarming 14.92%.

One thing that I will admit is interesting is that the Bust Bet, at 2:1, also has the lowest payout of any bet for this game. Typically, when it comes to bets of this nature, the bet with the highest possible payout will have the greatest house edge, but in this case that is untrue. The most likely wager to win, with the lowest payout, has the greatest house edge working against the player.

So, why is it called Lucky Blackjack? My guess is because the player has to be really lucky not to lose all of his or her money in relatively short order.

Software Providers that have Lucky Blackjack

SoftwareBJ PaysSoft 17DoubleRe-Split AcesSurrenderHouse EdgeTotal Decks
Playtech3:2StandAny 2NoNo0.04%1

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