Sonya Blackjack

Yggdrasil Gaming is a Swedish developer that was mostly renowned for producing unique slot games which feature exciting themes and engaging gameplay. All that changed in 2018 when the inventive developer published their classic blackjack release called Sonya Blackjack. The masterpiece of the blackjack game comes in the form of multiplayer table games produced with state-of-the-art REDUX technology which combines live and RNG casino.  

With the use of their in-house motion capture technology, Yggdrasil Gaming has created a genuinely astonishing 3D casino environment that really stands out from the crowd through its interactive nature. Furthermore, it features an industry-high RTP of 99.54%, captivating sound effects, intuitive interface, as well as 21+3 and Perfect Pairs side bets. In the following review, we will bring you up to speed with all the information you need to know in order to decide whether this variant of blackjack is tailored to suit your needs.


Players will accept the invitation to enter a classy Vegas casino where the lovely host is patiently waiting for them while the relaxing music is playing in the background. Once you join the table, you’ll be presented with chips of various denominations in the middle of the screen. After you’ve decided how much you are willing to wager, place your bets and let Sonya deal two initial cards while calling totals.

Afterward, you’ll be given three choices — to stand, to hit or to double, after which the game progresses in its usual manner. Splitting is possible only if Sonya has dealt you two cards that have the same value, and Insurance is available when Sonya reveals an Ace. Revealing the Ace will cost 50% of your initial wager and will allow you to save half of the bet in case the opponent gets the blackjack. If you have been lucky enough to hit the combo while Sonya holds the Ace, you’ll be offered Even Money to forfeit 3:2 reward and receive regular 1x payout.

As far as the other rules go, they are pretty much standard, meaning that Blackjack beats all other 21 hands and pays 3:2, while the dealer stands on soft 17. The game is played with 6 decks of 52 cards, with the entire shoe being reshuffled at the end of each round by an audited RNG. Accessing the menu icon in the top left corner will allow you to turn sound on and off, activate the full-screen mode, and open the game rules guide. Betting controls are positioned on the bottom, allowing you to change your bet. The RTP of the main game stands at around 99.54%, whereas Insurance is set at 92.86%.

Note that there is no Bet Behind option, which means that, if all seats happen to be taken at the moment you try to join the table, you’ll have to wait for a free seat. However, the developer plans to introduce a booking feature that will allow players to book a seat at the table whenever they please and share the experience with their friends.

A Table Game-Changing Experience

Now we have arrived at Sonya Blackjack’s party piece. It was their first ever table game that was developed with the use of their REDUX technology. If you’ve ever watched how special effects are being shot for the Hollywood blockbuster movies with actors covered in sensors — that’s REDUX. Using this groundbreaking motion technology, Yggdrasil has created an astonishing casino piece. When playing this game, the meaning of the term immersive takes on a whole new dimension.  

Your point of view in this thrilling 3D casino ambiance is overlooking the dealer’s table and 3D execution of the dealer. Furthermore, you’ll be able to take a slight look to your left and right, as well as up and down, thus getting more engaged in this beautiful casino environment.

Final Verdict

You might notice that the dealer’s movements look unbelievably realistic — that’s because they’ve been recorded on real-life dealers with the motion capture technology that we’ve been talking about. Furthermore, the whole experience is complemented with the addition of the dealer’s voice, music, ambient sounds, and sounds effects, all of which can be adjusted in the Settings menu.  

All in all, we were very impressed by the innovative approach that the developers have taken, as well as a high level of overall implementation of the project. Sonya Blackjack is a game that can completely hypnotize you and make you forget that you’re sitting in your living room or on the bus when going to work. Also, the way the game has evolved with the addition of 21+3 and Perfect Pairs side bets tells a lot about Yggdrasil’s effort towards providing players with the perfect gaming experience.

Sonya Blackjack might have the same rules as regular blackjack, but the experience is completely different, thanks to the virtual dealers and 3D casino environment.


Software Providers that have Sonya Blackjack

SoftwareBJ PaysSoft 17DoubleRe-Split AcesSurrenderHouse EdgeTotal Decks
Yggdrasil3:2StandAny 2NoNo0.46%6

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