Dr Fortuno Blackjack

Yggdrasil, one of the leading suppliers of online gaming software, has recently introduced Dr Fortuno — the first ever cross-vertical shared jackpot in the gambling industry that provides players with more chance to win the big bucks at the blackjack table and on the reels.

Both games feature a charismatic leader of traveling freak show who undertakes a perilous journey to lands far and wide, alluring players into his mystical and rewarding world. The sinister Doctor, alongside his entourage of freaks, allows players to enter his mysterious realm of curiosities in order to experience things beyond imagination.

The mysterious Dr Fortuno brings his magical flair to the jackpot table. Dr Fortuno Blackjack is a 5-player RNG variant of the classic game, featuring an astonishing new bonus bet combined with lucrative rewards including plenty of multipliers and a chance to hit the daily jackpot which it shares with its sister slot game.

Yggdrasil, widely known as one of the most creative providers in the online gambling industry, has added some extra charm to the shared jackpot by setting up the Customizable Countdown feature. This feature allows operators to choose the starting and ending parameter of their jackpot countdown. This kind of flexibility is beneficial for operators of all sizes, as it offers captivating and rewarding jackpots at the frequency that is most suitable for their needs.

If you want to find out more about the latest addition to the Internet casino block, keep reading the article below, as it breaks down the most important features and characteristics of the game.

Tech Stuff: Blackjack RTP, Strategy & Mobile Gaming

Dr Fortuno Blackjack online casino features one of the most attractive mobile blackjack games you’ve ever played with exceptional return-to-player levels. The game delivers the following payoffs:

  • Regular win — 1:1 (99.54% RTP)
  • Blackjack — 3:2 (96.5% RTP)
  • Insurance — 2:1 (92.6% RTP)

Although you can play Dr Fortuno Blackjack with a strategy based on a casual intuition without having any previous knowledge of blackjack, you can also use more advanced strategies to try to reduce the house edge and beat the odds. Dr Fortuno Blackjack dealer’s elegant moves create a genuine atmosphere that’s important for any serious gambler.

Betting & Payouts

Both the mobile and the desktop version of Dr Fortuno Blackjack offer a plethora of betting options and payouts, rivalling many of the best games on the planet. You can play the game with bets ranging from €1 to €500 per hand. The regular payouts are what you would expect from a classical blackjack variant — with a maximum win of 2.5x your stake. However, when Bonus Bets are triggered, they create a chance for winning multiplier prizes and potentially grabbing the Daily Jackpot from the Dr Fortuno jackpot pool. All in all, the game comes with unique benefits that you can’t come across with regular online blackjack.  


Dr Fortuno is a 3D blackjack with a virtual dealer on the opposite side of the table. Dr Fortuno has decided to quit his job as a circus entertainer and to try on these duties. For placing a bet, you can pick chips of different values with your mouse and place them at the gaming field.

Under the Settings section, you can find a paytable and a Help section. All in all, the interface is highly intuitive and user-friendly.  

Players don’t need to download any software to play Dr Fortuno Blackjack as the game was designed for all kinds of browsers.

There is also a mobile version of the game available for smartphones and tablets, so you can play it on the go. The mobile version of Dr Fortuno Blackjack is as spectacular and convenient as the desktop version.

Features: Moves, Bonus & Daily Jackpot

Dr Fortuno Blackjack features a mix of classic blackjack moves, one-of-a-kind Bonus Bets and a superb Dr Fortuno Daily Jackpot!

Classic Blackjack Moves

Dr Fortuno Blackjack delivers the refined class of classic blackjack moves to your desktop and mobile devices — you’ll have the Stand, Bust, Hit, Push, Insurance, and Split rules at your disposal. Even if it’s your first time at a casino table, you’ll immediately fall for the thrill of sculpting a hand with a value as close to 21 as possible.

Multiplayer & Watch Mode

This classy blackjack game is similar to our free multiplayer game in that there can be to five players at once, which represents another level of its authenticity. You can leave your seat anytime you please and watch how other players make their bets and moves — a great way to improve your skill.  

Bonus Bets

Triggering the Bonus Bet mode gives you the chance to win a wide range of lucrative prizes when Doctor Fortuno deals himself a flush — 0, x5, x10, x25, x50, x100, x500.

The Jackpot

You can select Bonus Bets ranging from €1 to €500 per hand in order to earn a chance of winning one of the best blackjack jackpots around. When the Bonus Bet is selected, the dealer will draw cards until a score of at least 17 is achieved.

Dr Fortuno Daily Jackpot

Both Yggdrasil’s editions of Dr Fortuno (Dr Fortuno Blackjack and Dr Fortuno slot) share a daily jackpot pool that can deliver substantial lucky wins! Every time you activate the Bonus Bet feature, you become eligible to win the jackpot. As is the case with most casino games, the more you wager at Dr Fortuno Blackjack table, the greater the chance you’ll hit the jackpot. Also, it’s important to remember that the Bonus Bet feature can be activated prior to any hand.

What Are You Waiting For?

The marvellous Dr Fortuno Blackjack is a feast for the senses and can be enjoyed by both low and high rollers with stakes ranging from €1 to an incredible €500 per hand! The game features exceptional graphic design and authentically rendered dealing — core blackjack fans will be overwhelmed

Ever since the introduction of Sonya Blackjack, Yggdrasil’s table game offerings has opted to include Side Bets and ever-growing team of dealers. The latest member of the club, Dr Fortuno, seduces the desks and brings a magical flair to its table. Each dealer is developed as realistically as possible, adopting human interactions and gestures. One of the biggest advantages of this blackjack variant is undoubtedly its social aspect as up to 5 players can sit at a single table, chatting or observing each other’s playstyles and wins.

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