European Blackjack Redeal

European Blackjack Redeal is an interesting Blackjack variant that can be found on Microgaming Software at some Internet casinos. The house edge of 0.4% is comparable to a Blackjack game that would be considered okay, but there are a few interesting twists that can significantly add to the fun factor for many players.european_blackjack_redeal

The hook of this game is that the player can pay to replace his entire hand, the dealer’s upcard, or the last card that has been dealt to the player with exception of doing so after splitting. Fortunately, the player does not have much in the way of difficult decisions to make because the cost of replacement is adjusted in accordance with the situation, furthermore, unfavorable replacements are offered for free. That makes the simple strategy for card replacement quite simple, in fact: If it is being offered for free, don’t do it!

It should be said that while this may add to the fun factor for many players, unless you are playing just for fun, there are better Blackjack games (in terms of house edge) that are available online. In fact, this game is tied with a few others for being the second least player-favorable game offered by Microgaming.

In my opinion, unless the ability to switch bad cards (and, remember, you are paying on direct for that ability) strikes your fancy, it is difficult to justify playing a game with this sort of increased house edge when the very same software provider has much better games available. Secondly, while it may be enjoyable to get rid of horrible situations, there really isn’t as much player involvement in making those decisions as one would think. Generally, if the decision is being offered and it costs something, it is a good decision.

Software Providers that have European Blackjack Redeal

SoftwareBJ PaysSoft 17DoubleRe-Split AcesSurrenderHouse EdgeTotal Decks
Microgaming3:2Stand9 to 11NoNo0.40%2

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