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Much like Blackjack in live casinos, online Blackjack can take many different forms depending on a number of factors such as the Rules of a particular Blackjack game, as well as whether or not the game in question is a Blackjack variant.  It is extremely essential for a player to realize that the Rules of a Blackjack game have more than a subjective effect on how much fun the game is, they also have an effect on the house edge of the game which has an effect on your wallet, should you choose to play.
We are going to take a look at the different varieties of Rule sets that are available for online blackjack as we explore the effects that certain rule changes may have on the house edge.  In addition to that, we are also going to take a look at a few of the Blackjack variants (games that, to different degrees, are based on the game of Blackjack) that are available online and examine the house edges of such games.

When it comes to the Blackjack and Blackjack based games that are out there, once again, the House Edge of a particular Blackjack game (or variant) depends upon the rules.  However, we would suggest that any Blackjack game online with a house edge greater than .4% (which is a return-to-player of anything under 99.6%) is probably a pretty bad game (barring an awesome promotion) and you could likely do better elsewhere.  Fortunately, the majority of Blackjack games that are available online are better than that, so we will have the opportunity to look at some of those.

Part 1 Understanding the Effects of the Rules

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Part 2 Blackjack Variations

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